Best Organic Sunscreens for Kids with Sensitive Skin in 2018

Many sunscreen brands specialize with kids because of the sensitive nature of their skin. In fact, there are so many that you will be spoilt for choice.

However, your little one should get only the best organic sunscreen for kids, and we have reviewed the top five options that are safe for every child, even if they don't necessarily have sensitive skin. 

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think baby SPF 50 + sunscreen for kids
Badger Baby Natural Organic Sunscreen
California Baby Sunscreen
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ThinkBaby Sunscreen for Babies

Badger Baby Natural Organic Sunscreen

California Baby Sunscreen

Babo Botanical Best Sunscreen for Kids

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Let’s be honest, summer comes with a lot of fun for kids. However, it also comes with several risks, the greatest coming from the cheery sun itself.

Everyone is vulnerable to sunburns whenever the sun is shining, and kids are especially vulnerable because of their sensitive skin.

However, the scorching sun should not be a deterrent to all of the fun that comes with the season. Fun time is, of course, a season for kids to play out, camp, swim at the beach, and generally get outdoors (even if with some nudging).

Of course, there are many ways to protect your child from the sun. But, your little one can spend all their days out under the protection of the safest sunscreen made specifically for kids.

What's the Best Organic Sunscreen for Kids?

1. ThinkBaby Sunscreen 

think baby SPF 50 + sunscreen for kids

ThinkBaby is made from natural ingredients, which are safe for all skin types.

Its active ingredient is zinc oxide, and its blend of natural ingredients is healthy for your child's skin.

Unlike chemical-based sunscreens, the ingredients in ThinkBaby do not sting the eyes or nose, so your kid should be comfortable all day long.

IT is important to understand that this sunscreen is oil-based. As such, it will work round-the-clock even at the beach or the pool.

ThinkBaby packs a mild fragrance that is mostly fruity, which is perfect if the little one does not mind the scent.

The sunscreen should keep your child protected all day long, but it is recommended to reapply after swimming.

Like most oil-based sunscreens, ThinkBaby should take some time to absorb. It will appear creamy on the skin at first, but it will gradually sink in and give the skin a supple appearance and feel.

We recommend this sunscreen because is safe and non-irritant. Before applying it on your kid, though, we advice that you cover their eyes first.

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2. Badger Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen

Badger Baby Natural Organic Sunscreen

Badger Baby SPF 30 is the best sunscreen  for kids with eczema.

It is recommended for kids of all ages and skin types because it does not pose any threat whatsoever.

Badger Baby Natural is made from a combination of beeswax and sunflower oil. Is also contains 18% of zinc oxide.

Combined, these ingredients not only keep the harmful UV rays off but also nourish your kid's skin.

Like most other organic sunscreens, it takes time to absorb into the skin but the changes are visible after several minutes.

This sunscreen does not carry any odor; the odor is so mild your kid would not sense it. It also does not irritate the eyes, but it is advised not to apply too close to the eyes.

Additionally, it works just as well in the water as it does on the ground. In fact, it works better in water than most other sunscreens, thanks to its greasy texture.

The only problem is that you have to reapply this on your kid after their swimming session for maximum protection.

3. California Baby Sunscreen

California Baby Sunscreen

California Baby Sunscreen is not completely organic, but it is one of the most recommended options, regardless.

Most of its ingredients are sourced naturally, but it also contains 11% of titanium dioxide.

Unlike other sunscreens, this one replaces zinc with titanium to suit kids with skin sensitive to the zinc compound.

This sunscreen is also safe to the eyes and nose. It works perfectly under water, and one application can go all day long if your kids do not visit the pool or beach.

What’s more, its fragrance is very faint and would be hardly noticeable. It offers more than most other kids’ sunscreens do, and the few extra dollars on its price tag are worth it.

California Baby Sunscreen is not as greasy as other brands on the list. Even then, it still takes some time to seep in and it leaves a shade of white.

The shade may persist, so it is advisable to apply only a little at a time especially if your kid’s skin is tan.

4. Babo Botanical Sunscreen for Kids

Babo Botanical Best Sunscreen for Kids

Babo Botanical sunscreen is designed specifically for kids. It places great emphasis on safety, and it goes an extra mile to offer convenience.

This sunscreen is completely natural as its ingredients are sourced from nature.

To this end, its unique combination of ingredients goes beyond keeping the skin safe to also nourishing it for a glowing, healthy appearance.

There is more: 

Babo Botanical it does not pack any notable fragrance that would keep your little one uncomfortable.

This sunscreen is just as greasy as its counterparts are. This comes with the advantage of offering protection under water, as it is harder to wash off when swimming.

With that said, you will still need to reapply after washing off to ensure every inch of your child’s skin is covered.

The only problem with this sunscreen is that it takes more time to apply, and you need to rub it thoroughly to get rid of the white shade.

5. BournOut Kids Sunscreen

BournOut Kids Sunscreen

Do not let the brand name scare you; BurnOut Kids Sunscreen is one of  the best on the market, if not the best.

It scores 1 in EWG ratings, making it the safest organic sunscreen for kids.

Also, it comes with additional advantages that you won’t find in other sunscreens on the list.

To start with, BurnOut Kids sunscreen uses organic ingredients, making it safe for kids of all skin types, especially the ones with sensitive skin.

In spite of being organic, this sunscreen is not as greasy as most other natural sunscreens. This comes as an advantage for moms and dads in two ways.

First, it is easier to apply on kids; those with playful, restless kids will appreciate this.

Second, it does not leave a white shade for long, so you can apply it, get going immediately, and save yourself your kid’s impatience.

This sunscreen is odorless and perfect for kids who mind the fragrances.

It does not irritate the eyes, and it works perfectly in water although you have to reapply after drying up for continued protection.

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