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What’s the Best Learning Tablet for a 2 Year Old?

If you’re looking for the best tablet that suits 2 year old kids, this guide is for you.

Today, kids are learning to use tablets faster than they learn how to form basic words.

Thankfully, tablets designed for them have suitable content, which help with social, cognitive, and emotional development.

Unfortunately, children’s tablet market isn’t as huge as that of the age of majority.

It is for this reason that finding a good pick for a 2-year-old can be an uphill task. It would probably take you hours, maybe even a full day, to get a good deal from an electronic brand.

Reviews of the Best Learning Tablet for a 2 Year Old

To help you choose a kind-friendly tablet for your little man or young woman, we’ve put together the top 5 cheap tablets suited for children who are 2 years of age.

1. Samsung Galaxy 7-Inch E Lite Kid Tablet

Samsung Galaxy 7-Inch E Lite Kids is feature-packed.

From engaging apps and common core curriculum to expandable memory and parental controls, this tablet is the grab and go tech gift for parents who seriously want to engage their kids to educational content.

It’s lightweight enough to fit your child’s small hands. And, it has a promising battery life for long-hour use.

E Lite Kid on Education

The E Lite Kid is the only learning tablet that features educational content that aligns with Common Core and STEM curriculum.

The content is designed to engage children to their favorite characters, hence more entertaining and attention grabbing.

As such, a child will always look forward to their next session with their tablet.

Parental Controls
Parental controls lets you limit the extent to which your child can go in terms of accessing content, and when.

Control how much time you want your kid to spend on the tablet, restrict their access to in-app purchases, and choose a category of app you believe is suitable for them.

These controls even let you monitor the progress of your kid on the dashboard.

Enough Storage

For a 2 year old, the 8GB onboard memory is often sufficient, unless you want to store more kid-friendly content for offline use.

In such a case, you can expand the memory by up to 32GB, thanks to the microSD card slot.

2. Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet was designed to help your baby develop step-by-step.

Although it comes at a throw away price, it’s packed with content and melodies that many high-end learning tablets for kids do not have.

With the content of this tablet, you can help children to grow at their own pace, one-step at a time.


The primary goal of this tablet is to introduce a two-year-old baby to first words and letters.

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages has tons of phrases accompanied by fun sound and music to keep your child engaged.

From silly sounds and music to sing-along songs and a light-up screen, this tablet has what it takes to get kids busy learning the letters of the alphabet, animals, and colors – with little to no help from parents.

Development Stages
Laugh & Learn Smart Stages is better than LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate tablet for a 2-year-old.

And the reason?

It features 3 stages of development, so you can customize the device according to your child’s age group. Levels 2, also known as Encourage, and Level 3, aka the Pretend Stage, are perfectly tailored towards kids aged 2.

Here, they can learn words and letter, play sound, and take part in imitation and imagination.

Easy to Use

You will love this tablet because it is easy to use. Moreover, it doesn’t require internet access to operate. Since it doesn’t have an option for internet, parental controls aren’t necessary either – in my opinion.

3. Nabi Jr. 5-Inch Tablet for Kids

At a glance, Nabi Jr. 5-Inch looks like a toy from a mediocre company.

That assumption holds, but only until you realize that it’s a real tablet, not a toy.

The design is kids-specific.

And, the content pre-loaded in the device is perfect for the development of every child in the age group.

With this tablet, your boy and/or girl can learn, discover, and grow into a smart kid over time.

Good for Gaming
Nabi Jr. comes pre-loaded with kid-friendly, educational games that will add value to the life of your young one.

They can even grow playing these games before joining Daycare or Kindergarten.

For its pricing point, you get over 30 apps and games, including reading, puzzles, first words, matching, and counting games.

Besides playing games and learning, your 2-year-old boy and/or girl can use this tablet to watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

You’ll have to make sure they have access to only the entertainment materials suitable for babies and kids.

Built-in Camera
The built-in camera isn’t a must-have feature for kids, but it is a great addition all the same. I am sure your child won’t use it often.

However, you can teach them how to use the camera to take photos and videos around the house.

4. School Zone Little Scholar 7-Inch Tablet

Don’t wait until your kid is 8 years old to buy them an educational tablet.

Get them busy from the time they are 24 months old with School Zone Little Scholar.

This tablet features tons of educational content, so your son and/or daughter can start learning before they reach the age of going to kindergarten.


Kids don’t necessarily need high-end electronics. So, you do not have to pay the earth for the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Besides, most high-end tablets aren’t even kid-friendly, not to mention they do not have kid-targeted content. For a little under $150, you’ll get a tablet you will never regret buying for your child.

Ideal for School

You’ll never find a tablet that’s so focused on education like School Zone Little Scholar.

In fact, School Zone confirms that the device is fully focused on education.

So, your kid can grow with it through to their first grade.

From games and books to songs and videos, not to mention the Charlie & Company preschool series, the Little Scholar has everything your child needs to learn new things.

A Durable Tablet

School Zone Little Scholar can withstand a drop or two, thanks to the soft, silicon case. Also, it is well constructed for small hands, can survive a drop or two, and it can withstand rigorous use.

5. B.B.PAW 7-Inch Whole Brain Education Tablet

Learning should always be fun.

A 2-year-old kid should never feel like they are being forced to learn words and sentences at such a tender age.

By introducing them to B.B.PAW 7-Inch Whole Brain Education, a tablet designed with the concept “Learning is fun”, you make it easy for your child to learn and play anytime and anywhere.

Education Apps for Kids

This tablet comes with 90+ preloaded apps for learning. The learning materials can boost your kid’s sound judgment and imagination before they join the first grade.

Also, the EQ training apps can help them to develop both logical thinking and language abilities.

The apps pre-loaded on B.B.PAW 7-Inch Whole Brain Education include English letters, science concepts, music, math, and drawing – to mention just a few.

Clear Guideline for Parents

Each game has an in-depth walkthrough, which helps parents to understand its concept and purpose.

The guide also outlines why your boy or girl should use the app.

More importantly, the guide outlines the benefits of each app as well as the time to engage your child depending on their developing stage.

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