5 Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity: A Guide for 2018

After 20 hours of research, running polls, and seeking expert opinion, we concluded that Mechanix Wear Winter Impact Touch Screen Gloves are the best winter work gloves for dexterity. Made of nylon, synthetic, and spandex, this pair will enable you to withstand extreme cold while enabling you to get your work done.

The overall goal of winter work gloves is to protect your hands from getting numb and offer further protection from possible frostbitten hands. You could pick any pair of gloves on the go, but not all guarantee comfort during work.

For example, thick hand wear are good. But, they might interfere with your dexterity, so they are usually not the ideal option for you.

I wouldn’t wear heavy hand wear that makes it difficult to work outdoors. And I won’t recommend these kinds to you either because they would be a waste of your money.

Instead, choose a pair that’s made of the right materials. At the end of the day, the right pair will not only keep your hands warm but also give you the freedom you need to move around and accomplish your work.

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Mechanix Wear Winter Impact
Ironclad Project Impact Gloves
DeWalt Insulated Cold Weather Work Glove
Heritage Winter Work Glove

Mechanix Wear Winter Impact

Ironclad Project Impact Gloves

DeWalt Insulated  Work Glove

Heritage Winter Work Glove

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Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity Reviews in 2018

1. Mechanix Wear Winter Impact

Unlike animals, the human skin wasn’t made to withstand cold weather.

Animals can withstand extreme cold because their fur grow thinker in winter, but human beings do not have this kind of protection.

Thanks to the Mechanix Wear Winter Impact gloves, though, you can get the exact kind of protection when working in the cold environment.

Design and Comfort

Mechanix is a brand that offers a wide range of working gloves. And it is the company behind Mechanix Wear Winter Impact gloves. The pair is made of a combination of nylon, synthetic and spandex with an extra insulation, which makes it ideal for extremely cold weather conditions.

These gloves feature a comfortable fit that will keep your hands warm as you work, although you will only lose a pinch of mobility on your fingers because of the extra protection.

The nylon keeps the cold, worst wind and rain off, and the thinsulate lining trap air to keep the warmth inside. Additionally, the gloves are waterproof.

Knuckle Protection

Also, the wearers’ knuckles are protected by an accordion knuckle guard, which is made of EVA foam.

To keep the pair clean, you can wash it by hands or using machine. I would recommend using a washing machine if you have one at home.

A word of caution is you shouldn’t use hot water bleaching agents.

The gloves’ fingers are touch screen compatible; this makes it ideal for persons who use smartphones or tablets while at work.

Overall, Mechanix Wear Winter Impact is best for general cold weather work because it has a good balance of dexterity and warmth and it comes in at an affordable price.

2. Ironclad Project Impact Gloves

Sometime you may get confused when you see this pair.

Questions like “is this a boxing glove?” or “is this a baseball glove?” tend to arise.

Well, here is the thing: these gloves aren’t any of what you think they are.

Simply put, Ironclad Project Impact is a pair designed to keep your hands warm as you work outside.

Design and Comfort

Ironclad Project Impact Glove is not only soft and flexible but also stiff and abrasion resistant. 

The TPR makes it tougher than a semi-truck full of elk jerky. The pair also come in with a vibration-reducing reinforced palm for durability purposes.

These gloves fit well as expected. With the TPR cuff, the wearer can easily put them on and take them off.

Heavy Duty Option

These gloves are extremely tough and therefore suitable for any kind of vigorous work, especially where a hardcore protection is required.

With this pair, you need not to worry about your hands’ movement freedom because it doesn’t limit your hands’ movement at all.

So, what does it do? The answer is simple; it gives your hand enough ‘amounts’ of freedom, so you do not have to worry about any sort of discomfort.

Guaranteed Warmth

This wear is also warm and that is the reason why it is suitable for very cold working. With the open cell memory padding foam, your hand is shielded from impacts and shock; this makes the glove ideal for operating power tools.

In addition, the fingertips are reinforced with a 360-degree protection and the back of the hand is protected with the TPR impact protection.

Overall, everything about this glove makes it look like it was made to last. The Ironclad Project Impact is one of the options that scream quality and it comes at an affordable price.

3. DeWalt Insulated Cold Weather Work Glove

DeWalt is a trusted and well-known supplier of hardwearing clothes and that is why the glove itself isn’t an exemption.

DeWalt ExtremeCold Weather Work Glove for men and women slightly resembles gloves used in science fiction movies. 

And they are good as they hold up through tough work.

This is one of the best gloves to wear because of its top-notch quality.

More importantly, it is made to last for the long haul, thanks to reinforced patches.

Design and Comfort

With is unisex glove you are sure of getting your job done with much comfort and ease. The soft fleece lining makes the glove feels so comfortable when worn.

With the long gauntlet cuffs, the wearer can fit the glove neatly over his or her cloth.

For those that are prone to overheat when they are active, DeWalt may also be the best option as it allows the skin to breathe freely.

DeWalt ExtremeCold Work Glove has four layers that create a waterproof and windproof barrier to protect your hands in harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to comfort, these gloves give your hand an unlimited movement space thus no strains while undertaking your daily tasks.

4. Heritage Winter Work Glove

Wet hands get cold quickly, and that is why the Heritage Winter Working Gloves have become popular.

Things seem to have just gotten better as the gloves are now touch screen friendly, which means there is no need to take them off when you want to make or receive phone calls or send messages.

Design and Comfort

This working glove allows a good amount of movement, so it is suitable for almost all kinds of winter jobs.

It feels snug sometime, so it would be better if you first checked out the size that fits you well before placing spending your money on it.

Fortunately, there is a good range of 7 sizes, so you are definitely spoiled for choice.


This winter working glove is hard to wear out and can survive almost any type of tough work.

It’s made of a thick thinsulate layer this makes it feel warm and comfortable. But this pair of gloves is not for everyone.

If you are one of the people whose body emits a lot of heat when covered with a heavy cloth, Heritage Winter Work Gloves aren’t for you. So, you might want to consider other options on our list.

These gloves are suitable for carrying out heavy tasks because their outer layers are made of genuine leather. Being made out of leather also makes it hard to wear out.

5. Cestus Temp Series HM Deep Winter Insulated Impact Glove

A drop in temperature can bring hazards to already dangerous gas and oil production sites.

This leads to the need for Cestus Temp Series HM Deep Winter Insulated Impact Glove.

These are among the best winter work gloves for dexterity because they promise a good grip and impact protection.

Generally, these gloves are meant to keep your hands warm as well as protect them.

And although they feel tough, they aren’t the most flexible.

Durability and Comfort

Rubber patches and PVC dots are added for an extra protection and durability. In terms of use, Cestus Temp Series Winter Insulated Impact Gloves feature a durable construction, making them suitable enough to carry out dangerous, heavy and messy work.


The glove features an impact resistant guard on its back. Its palm is oil, water, wind and chemical resistant. What helps keep your hand dry while using this glove is the waterproof membrane.

The glove is colored orange for good visibility.

This wearable is available in different sizes. Note that its price varies with size, and this means that the bigger the size you pick, the more money you tend to spend.

This is a glove made to last as its palm is made of double stitched Kevlar thread that adds to its durability and that is why having it helps you reduce on the cost of replacing gloves.

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