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The Best Laptops for Medical School Students

The age of using notebooks and pencils in medical schools is slowly passing away. Maybe there will come a time when technology will take over everything. But until then, a combination of the best laptop for medical school with books and pens still makes up the best kit for learning. Buying a medical grade laptop isn’t really […]

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The Best Laptop for Writers

We writers don’t necessarily need too much to do our work. A pen and a paper for writing first drafts or brainstorming will pretty much do. Add a strong cup of coffee and the best laptops for writers and we are good to go. Whether you are an online journalist, a blogger, or an essayist, you […]

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Best Laptops for Computer Science Students & Majors

Computer science majors need the best laptops for computer science students to make it in the course.  The field goes beyond just mere programming into other areas of technical knowhow such as computer graphics, computer networking, artificial intelligence, and database systems. In short, you need to understand computers and their processes of computation. To succeed in your studies […]

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What’s the Best Chromebooks Under 300 in 2020?

The best Chromebook under 300 is the modern-day computer that feature the best of Google built-in. From high level security to full access to Google Play Store, these fresh-looking laptops have everything you need for the wow factor and outstanding user experience. There is a Chromebook that’s right just for you; at least Google confirms it. And with […]

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