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What is the Best Fitbit for Women in 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a soccer mom, a women’s health coach, a running guru, or a fitness wannabe, Fitbit has the best Fitbit for women designed just for you. We could argue that there are other top brands in the fitness wearable bandwagon. But Fitbit remains the real be all end all staple fitness product […]

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The Best Fitness Trackers Under 100

Looking for the best fitness tracker under 100 in 2020? This guide is for you.  Here’s the deal: Many high-end fitness trackers like Garmin Forerunner 235 and Fitbit Charge 2 are ridiculously overpriced. They are known to break the bank. While high-ticket fitness and activity trackers often make the most ideal products most of the time, not all health […]

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The Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers in 2020

This is the ultimate guide to the best waterproof fitness trackers in the market today. But before we begin, here’s a quick scenario that I strongly believe you can relate with:  Back in the day, setting fitness goals, tracking progress, and evaluating workout accomplishments wasn’t easy. You’d hit a gym, run half a dozen miles, swim for hours, […]

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