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What’s the Best Fitbit for Kids Right Now?

This is a comprehensive list of the best Fitbit for kids in 2020. Whether your child is new to smartwatches, or you want them to start working out and tracking their health and fitness, or you need a watch that can monitor the quality of their sleep, you’ll love Fitbit activity trackers. And understand this: The best Fitbit […]

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What Can You Do With a Fitbit Watch?

Today I’m going to tell you what you can do with a Fitbit in 2020. So if you want to get the most out of this popular fitness device, you’ll love the functions I’ve shared in this guide. And look: Gone are the days when you wore a Fitbit just to count your daily steps. These days, the […]

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How Do Fitness Trackers Work And Are They Even Accurate?

How do fitness trackers work exactly? It’s probably not a question you’ve asked yourself lately. But in case you need an answer, this article is for you.   Just a few years ago, wearable fitness technology was just as basic as measuring sprints when exercising. Today, even watertight fitness watches are doing everything from measuring heart rate and quality […]

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