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12 Chromebook Tips and Tricks You Can Use Right Now

So far, we’ve provided you with a Chromebook buying guide to help you make the right purchase decision and get the best value for your money. We even took this a step further and provided you with a thorough outline on what you can do on a Google PC. But we felt there are more Chromebook tips […]

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What Can You Do With a Chromebook Laptop Right Now?

I’ve interacted with cheap Chromebook laptops for a while now. And it’s amazing to learn what such an inexpensive machine can do.  I haven’t exhausted all the option as far as using this type of laptop is concerned. But I’m more than willing to admit that a Chromebook can truly be just as powerful as Windows and […]

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Chromebook Buying Guide: What to Look for Before Buying One

Chromebooks are no longer the entry-level laptops they used to be back in 2011. And although they’re not as advanced as Windows and Apple computers just yet, I’d say they are somehow close. Today, technology companies spoil you for choice when it comes to Chromebook specs. With the limitless options within your reach, it shouldn’t take […]

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Easy Fitness Activities for Kids for an Active Lifestyle

While kids fitness trackers are designed to improve kids overall fitness, it does not make sense to buy one if you have no idea what you’ll be tracking in the first place. In fact, there must be some kind of movement to help a child get the most out of a fitness tracking. And what’s a better […]

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