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How Do Fitness Trackers Work And Are They Even Accurate?

Just a few years ago, wearable fitness technology was just as basic as measuring sprints when exercising. Today, even waterproof activity trackers are doing everything from measuring heart rate and quality of sleep to counting the number of calories burnt in various activities. Thanks to the everyday technological growth, popular companies such as Fitbit and Garmin continue […]

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Is Fitbit Charge 2 Waterproof Or Is It Just Water-Resistant?

Fitbit range of gadgets has agreeably revolutionized health consciousness. By individualizing exercise tracking, Fitbit’s products have renewed the interest in health and fitness.  It started with the introduction of Charge HR in 2015, followed by the revolutionary Charge 2, which came to market in September 2016 and is still shaking things up. Charge 3 is the latest addition […]

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