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The Best Hair Dryers Under 100 Dollars in 2024

Every woman that does her hair deserves nothing short of the best hair dryer for blowout. But, when you can’t pay the earth for a high end product, the best hair dryer under 100 dollars could save the day.

Like they say, though, it is not easy to find a top rated hair product on the market these days. And the reason? In an ideal world full of dealers that promise ‘absolute’ value for your bucks, picking a good hair dryer becomes difficult.

In fact, myriads of beauty brands not only make it difficult to find the best hair dryer. They also make the whole searching and buying process a torturous experience. Worse, they have bad ratings, and they are dang expensive.

But what if I told you that you could get the best blow dryer under $100 that gives you the flexibility, style, and options you need for multiple looks? Would you believe me?

I call them the home and salon dryers that fall into the sweet spot, because their quality is ten times their asking price.

What’s the Best Hair Dryer Under 100?

Packed with features like easy-to-clean filters, removable attachments, heat options, and temperature settings, the following cheap hair dryers are definitely a-must have.

1. RUSK Engineering Speed Freak

While it might appear costly, RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Dryer has unique, premium features that perfectly fits the asking price.

From a cold shot and 2000 watts power to an ergonomic design and a removable rear filter, RUSK is more than a traditional dryer in the beauty and make up industry.

A Salon Gadget with a Cool Design

RUSK puts the right foot forward when it comes to design. And it gives this hair dryer a premium, professional look that’s hard not to love.

First, this hair dryer has an 8-foot cord, that’s about 1.8 meter long, making it easy to move around when drying hair.

Second, it has a removable filter that prevents hair in the duct. The filter is to clean and easy to put back in place.

Third, this hair dryer has a lightweight ergonomic design with a beautiful cubic-print finish.

Enormous Drying Power

RUSK has 2000 watts of power infused with tourmaline gemstone and ceramic, making it an ideal, quality device for drying hair in a matter of minutes.

The far infrared rays emitted by the 2000 watts of power penetrates the innermost areas of the hair cuticle, drying hair within a very short time.

In addition to drying hair without frizz, this dryer emits enough ions to make styling and managing hair easier.

Toggle Switches for Heat and Speed Settings

With toggle switches rightly placed and easily accessible, you can control the speed and heat of this dryer with ease.

In addition to the speed and heat buttons, this hair dryer also integrates a cold shot button, and the toggle switches are positioned separately for easy access and control.


  • It is the most lightweight hair dryer at a reasonable asking price
  • It dries hair very fast
  • It is designed to make your hair look beautiful while maintaining its health
  • Its ergonomic design looks great to the eyes
  • Rusk hair dryer is quiet


  • The concentrator isn’t tightly in place
  • Unlike Elchim 300, the switches of this hair dryer somehow are bumped
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2. BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme

Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer goes for under $100, but it premium features couldn’t be far more than the asking price.

Featuring 3 heat settings, 2 speed options, a cold shot, and a porcelain ceramic technology, this 2000 watts hair dryer is must-have device for women that love a pocket-friendly styling tool that dies hair fast.

Porcelain Ceramic Technology

The surface of this dryer has an infused porcelain ceramic technology to enhance even heat distribution, far infrared heat and ion production, and hair protection from damages.

And given that it has 2000 Watts AC of power, Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme emits sufficient heat that not only dries hair faster but also gives you a glowing, natural, healthy-looking hair.

Control Slide Switches

It is good that this hair dryer allows you to control the heat as well as the speed at which you can dry your hair.

The control slide switches include Cold, Warm, and Hot air for the heat settings, and high and low options for the speed settings. And then the Cold Shot button is just above the two switches.

Removable Filter

Given that a hair filter prevents hair into the duct, it is really a must-have on a premium hair dryer.

Babyliss Pro integrates a removable and easy-to-clean air filter, which makes the dryer last for a very long time.

And cleaning it is a breeze. Just remove it, clean and dry it, and then put it back in place.


  • Dries hair fast, usually half the time taken by most dryers
  • It is a quite hair dryer
  • Babyliss Pro doesn’t damage hair
  • The negative ions leave hair looking natural, and feeling smooth with less frizz
  • It is quiet, no silly sound, no maddening noise when in use


  • Unlike Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Travel Dryer, this hair dryer is not lightweight. It weighs around 2 lbs.; that’s quite heavy.
  • A burnt smell after a couple of months of use.

3. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium is one of the best hair dryers for under 100 for people that love hair dryers for traveling.

Unlike many of Babyliss hair dryers, the Nano Titanium features an ultra-lightweight design and dual voltage. Also, it is currently the only top rated dryer that has a folding handle.

Nano Technology

This hair dryer implements the Nano Titanium technology in its design. The technology ensures proper conduction and even heat distribution to dry hair thoroughly and faster than all typical dryers. The implementation of this technology enables the dryer to yield enough far infrared heat and infused negative ions that not only boost your hair‘s health but also gives it more shine.

A Folding Handle

This is the only best hair dryer under 100 in our list that has a folding handle. Even the likes of Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer aren’t good for travelling because they aren’t foldable.

And while this might not be some kind of a good feature to some people, it is obvious that women love traveling hair dryers that they can easily fold and bring with them wherever they go.

A Dual Voltage Dryer

Again, a dual voltage is another feature that even the best affordable hair dryer on the market does not have.

Combined with heat settings, speed options, and a removable, easy-to-wash hair filter, Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer is something every woman needs to make her hair look amazing.


  • It is the most lightweight hair dryer ever; it weighs about 9.6 ounces (0.6 lbs.)
  • It comes with a folding handle
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Cheap with tons of premium features
  • Heat and speed settings included


  • It pulls in hair if put too close
  • Risk of failure highly likely in countries with different voltage
  • It doesn’t have a cool shot

4. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer

RUSK Professional Hair Dryer is engineered with ceramic and tourmaline, which emits safe heat and far infrared heat and negative ions respectively.

The emission doesn’t just make the dryer’s heat gentler on hair. It also makes it easy for your head to sustain higher levels of heat during the drying process. After drying, what you get is a less frizzy, glowing, and naturally shiny hair.

2000 Watts of Power

With 2000 watts of power, and working at heat and speed settings of your choice, RUSK W8less Professional Dryer cuts down the drying time almost by half the time taken by typical dryers.

The high power makes this hair dryer suitable even for hair types that are difficult to dry, including coarse, thick hair.

Far Infrared Heat

Thanks to the far infrared heat technology, this hair dryer can dry your hair much faster than you can even imagine. And with a well-build concentrator nozzle that thoroughly works on any hair type, RUSK W8less Professional is suitable for hair of any style, length, and texture.

Lightweight, Works Fast

Unlike other RUSK hair dryers, the W8less Professional weighs only 1lb. It’s quite ultra-lightweight, so you can hold it for many minutes without experiencing hand fatigue. In fact, it is the best lightweight hair dryer in our list.

One other good thing to say about this hair dryer is that it is very quiet; it doesn’t create noise, even after many months of use.


  • Dries hair fast
  • Makes your hair healthy
  • The design looks great
  • It is a cheaper hair dryer


  • The switches are somewhat awkwardly placed
  • Not as lightweight as Babyliss Pro Nano hair dryer

5. Asavea Hair Dryer Pro AC Motor Ionic

Asavea hair dryer is a premium gadget with a 6-foot long cord featuring a Turbo Balancing Technology and an Alternative Current motor. It is sturdy and it is built to last for a very long time.

Other significant features include a handing ring for storage, a heating protection system, speed and heat settings, and a concentration nozzle.


Some of the best hair dryers that sell for under $100 aren’t always lightweight and are known to cause hand fatigue.

Asavea is different, though. It weighs slightly above a pound, making it a lightweight hair dryer you will ever find on the market.

That means you can use it for long hours without having to worry about your hand getting weaker.

Unique Technology

This product uses a ceramic and ionic technology, a unique approach that not only helps in drying hair faster but also makes it smooth, natural, and overall healthy.

The inner parts of the dryer are engineered with safe materials. And the 88-inch cord makes Asavea hair dryer easy to use.

Short Hair Drying Time

Every woman is crazy about a dryer that dries hair fast, especially if it’s cheap. It’s no wonder Asavea Ionic Pro delivers a perfect drying and styling session in the shortest time possible.

What’s more, it’s somewhat quiet; there’s no maddening noise, no matter how older it gets.


  • It has a dual overheating protection
  • Guarantees smooth, healthy, and sleek hair
  • Designed to last
  • Cheap
  • It integrates a cool shot function
  • Includes 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings
  • Less noisy
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The buttons could use some help; they are awkwardly placed
  • It’s not a quiet as some of the most popular brands out there

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