Best Hooded Hair Dryers for Home in 2018: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


Searching for the best hooded hair dryers for home can be a pain in the ass, literally. With so many adverts pushing sales of the so-called top brands, it has become more difficult to tell the difference between a professional hooded hair dryer and a typical device.

To help you get the best bang for your bucks, we cut to the chase and let you in on dryers that you will love.

But before that, let’s get one thing straight:

You are a woman.

You need to look beautiful, right from the top of your head to the sole of your feet. Everything about you needs to be insanely loveable. That includes your hair.

Of course, the last thing you want to do is to walk around with your hair unkempt.

It goes without saying that your hair, whether natural or artificial, needs much attention.

Your overall beauty simply can’t fade.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working class queen. Proper hair care is a must. And it starts with using a good hair dryer with hood attachment.



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BR Beauty Meredith 880W Salon Hair Dryer

BR Beauty Meredith 880W Salon Hair Dryer


PEBCO Tools Ionic Stand Dryer

PEBCO Tools Ionic Stand Dryer


Ovente Speed Professional Ionic Dryer

Ovente 3 Speed Professional Ionic Dryer


Tourmaline Tools 1059

Tourmaline Tools 1059


Babyliss Pro Pro Ionic Roll about Hard Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Pro Ionic Roll about Hard Hat Dryer

Best Hooded Hair Dryers for Home 2018 Reviews

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

1. BR Beauty Meredith 880W Salon Hair Dryer

BR Beauty Meredith 880W Salon Hair Dryer is as simple as it looks.

And while it might not appear pocket-friendly, the packed features are definitely worth the asking price.

From a 1000 watts of power and temperature control buttons to timer options and fan control, this one comes with everything you need to dry hair faster, every day.​

A Quiet Stuff

Some of what we know as the best hood hair dryers are downright noisy. They create the kind of maddening sound that makes you cower.

But BR Beauty Meredith Salon is different. It is so quiet that you might not even notice it’s on. You and your female friends can tell each other stories, share gossips, or even watch TV when this thing is running.

Quick Setup

Hooded hair dryers that are difficult to set up are kind of a pain in the butt. BR Beauty Meredith Salon Hair Dryer is poles apart because it is easy to assemble.

Whether you have bought one before or this will be your first one, it should take you less than an hour to have it up and running.

Premium Design

The hood of this dryer is big, making it comfortable to seat under. Further, it has 5 caster wheels that make it easy to move around. Besides its 1000 watts of power that makes quick hair drying possible, this dryer is sturdy, hence it can last for a very long time without breaking down.

  • It does not suck up hair
  • Works just like a professional unit
  • Works well for long, curly hair
  • Gets hot fast, and then evenly distributes heat on hair
  • It only dries hair fast, but also makes it neat, soft, glossy, and thoroughly moisturized
  • The bell on the timer is really annoying; that’s because it dings loudly
  • Not as cheap as these premium hair dryers

2. PEBCO Tools Ionic Stand Dryer

Going to a salon to dry hair is expensive and time consuming.

And even a combination of sunlight and roller sets won’t dry your hair well nearly as much.

That’s why you need PEBCO Ionic Stand Dryer. Featuring time and temperature control, and given that it’s quieter than many at home hooded hair dryers when in use, PEBCO is worth more than the asking price.

2500 Watts of Power

PEBCO Ionic Stand is a 2500 watts power hooded hair dryer. As such, it make a good product for people who need any heat setting for drying hair. With this kind of power, drying your hair is not just easy. It also takes the least possible time.

Two Switch Indicators

Given that the timer and temperature indicators are well placed, adjusting temperature at a time period should be a piece of cake.

And unlike cheap dryers that create some sort of maddening noise while drying up hair, PEBCO only emits a gentle sound from the time you start drying your hair until you finish.

Because the temperature switch has color indicators for cold, warm, and hot, adjusting these setting as you so please shouldn’t be a problem for you.

More the Just Movable

PEBCO Ionic Stand Dryer isn’t just equipped with movable wheels. It also has an opening hood and its height is adjustable.

The opening hood lets your head in and out underneath the dryer with very little effort. And you can even tilt it, move it up or down, or push it side to side until it is in a position that you like.

  • Easily stretches hair into beautiful curls
  • Dries hair fast
  • Switch indicators well placed
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Can last for a very long time
  • Package comes in pieces
  • Pieces take time to assemble

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for Black Hair

3. Ovente 3 Speed Professional Ionic Dryer

Ovente Speed Professional is one of the best hood hair dryers that don’t fold down.

It is a perfect choice for people who love hooded driers with adjustable heights.

Ovente is a dryer that blows air from top to bottom, its pole comes out, and the hood is removable.

As good as it sounds to be (and it is), Ovente’s wheels can easily break, particularly when you drag it around too often.

Mobility is a Breeze

Ovente has 5 rolling wheels. These make the hooded dryer both stable and easy to move around, hence it’s a bit more convenient. And as long as you don’t drag the dryer around too often, especially forcefully and unnecessarily, you can expect the wheels to last for a very long time.

Up to Par Construction

Part of what makes Ovente Speed Professional durable is the material used for construction. It is made of General Purpose Polystyrene and PolypropylenePlastic (PP).

Given that these materials are tough and elastic, and given that they can retain their shape irrespective of bending, flexing or torsion, it make a lot of sense why Ovente used them in the construction of this dryer.

Speed, Timer, and Heat Settings Included

This hooded hair dryer doesn’t just have a three speed settings. It also features dual heating elements, a built-in thermostat, and a 60-minute timer. And with a high quality heating of 120V, this device can dry hair faster than many typical dryers for home use can.

  • The dryer is stable on its stand
  • The device is easy to put together
  • Stays well in position if properly screwed
  • Pricey
  • Takes time to set up

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American Hair

4. Tourmaline Tools 1059

Tourmaline Tool 1059 is the best hooded hair dryers for home that you won’t give a second thought about purchasing.

That’s because it feature a high airflow tourmaline and a direct ion technology that dries hair at most 50% faster than many hair dryers on the market do.

Nano Particles

The nano particles integrated in this device are as necessary as the heat of the dryer itself, at least for two reasons.

First, the particles generate far infrared energy that dries the cortex fast.

Second, the particles help to maintain the softness as well as the natural shine of hair.

Over 1000 Watts of Power

Like cheap hair dryer out there, this one has 1875 watts of power. That’s quite a significant amount of heat, which helps to dry hair 50% faster than many beauty devices on the market. That’s not all. The heat also leaves the hair less frizzy, silky, softer, and brighter.

Heat and Speed Options

Of course, Tourmaline Tools wouldn’t be complete without heat and heat controls. Unlike many dryers, it has 4 heat options and 2 speed settings. Other features include a 9-feet cord, a removable base, and a lockable wheel that boosts stability.

  • Perfect for women that love steam driers
  • It has a good color combination
  • Works well on thick hair, especially African-American’s
  • Some people may find this one too long to use

Ionic Hooded Hair Dryer

5. Babyliss Pro Pro Ionic Roll About Hard Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Roll is perfect for a woman that loves a hooded hair dryer with an adjustable peak that extends well.

It features three temperature settings and an adjustable bonnet.

Then bonnet comes with a lift up visor that makes Babyliss Pro Hat Dryer convenient during use.

And with over 1600 watts of power, this portable hair dryer with hood dries hair within a very short time.

Over 1600 Watts of Power

This product rocks when it comes to power levels. Given that it provides 2500 watts of power, you get pretty much enough for a heat setting of your choice. The most important thing to remember is that this power makes hair drying experience smooth, because it makes hair drying a breeze.

Bulky Stuff

Sure, Babyliss Hard Hat Dryer get the job well done. It cuts down your getting ready time. So, it is no surprise it has quite a name in the market, irrespective of the fact that it’s quite basic.

Yet, weighing 16 pounds, this is by far the bulkiest hair care product on this list. So, for people that love lightweight hair dryers, this doesn’t fit the bill.

More like a Blow Dryer

One thing you will notice when you start this dryer is that it gets hot almost immediately, just like a blow dryer. This helps to dry your hair within the shortest time possible. Keep in mind that this heats up a room too fast.

  • It dries hair very fast, usually within half an hour
  • Easy to use hot settings
  • Doesn’t create maddening noise
  • Suitable for thick hair
  • This hooded hair dryer is bulky. Sure, it looks great, but 16 pounds isn’t the kind of weight you can easily carry around.
  • The item is quite pricey
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