The Best Long Range Baby Monitors for Busy Parents

The biggest worry of every parent is leaving their newborn alone. You are worried if they are okay, you get startled when they cry in their room, and not seeing them often just makes you feel terrible.

Thanks to the advanced video display technology, though, you can now use the best long range baby monitors to keep tabs on your bundle of joy, both during the day and at night.

The best long distance baby monitor can connect you with your baby up to a certain range, with the lowest best range being 700 feet.

The most popular video baby monitors with long distance coverage, like Motorola MBP36 and Babysense, have a range coverage of more than 700 feet, so they can help you keep an eye on your baby from quite a distance.


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Hello Baby 


Infant Optics DXR-5 


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This guide is an overview of the top 5 baby monitors with long distance coverage. Let’s cut to the chase and learn about the features of each. Thereafter, you can decide for yourself which of these video display units are worth your money.

Long Range Baby Monitor in 2019

1. Motorola MBP36 Long Range Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 Long Range Video Baby Monitor

Covering up to 200 meters range with an out-of-range alert, Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Baby Monitor is a good choice for parents who want to keep tabs on their babies from a distance.

With an infrared night vision, camera tilts, pans, and zoom features, you can keep an eye on your child even at night.

Unfortunately, this long range baby monitor can’t work best in the event of signals obstructions.

So, while it is a good video baby monitor with long range, you might not get the best of it if there are obstructions on the way.

A Secure FHSS

To prevent anyone with a similar monitor from capturing the signals of the monitor in your room, Motorola uses an advanced Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, which enhances the security of wireless communication.

As such, no person outside your home will keep an eye on your precious child.

Adjustable Audio

This baby monitor can pick just about any sound.

As sensitive as the audio is, you can adjust it such that you hear only the sound of things you really should. The loudest setting lets you hear any move, and it is not always the best sound setting for light sleepers.

It’s best to set the audio to the lowest sound, so the monitor can wake you only when your baby cries.

Visual Indicator

The visual indicator is one of the features that makes this baby monitor stand out. With this, you can see your baby crying as well as how loud they cry.

It is important to keep in mind that the visual indicator is not necessarily a feature for only people with hearing difficulties, but it does help a great deal in such cases.

2. Hello Baby Long Distant Wireless Baby Monitor

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor isn’t just known for its 2 ways talk and temperature monitoring technologies.

It is also an internet-enabled system, which uses wireless internet connection to keep an eye on your bundle of joy.

The night vision technology allows you to keep an eye on your baby at night, by delivering good quality, grain-free images.

Two-Way Communication

The two-way communication system lets you talk to your baby as though you were there beside them.

This feature is important for boding with your baby, especially when they are crying.

You receive an alert through the LED sound indicator every time your child cries, and then you can soothe them to stop crying and sleep without stepping a foot into their room.

When you switch this monitor to power saving mode, it won’t show you videos of your baby. However, it will still work as an audio device, so you can hear your baby quite well.

No Signal Drop Outs

The worst thing that could happen with a baby monitor is when someone who uses the same monitor as you steals your signals.

Luckily, Hello Baby uses an advanced, dedicated 2.4GHz wireless technology, which protects against signal leakages, giving you the assurance that your young one is safe and sound.

Best Baby Lullabies

This baby monitor comes with preloaded lullabies that can help your child to catch some sleep in the shortest time possible.

So, if you would like to get your baby to sleep without really holding them and soothing them to sleep with a mother or father’s touch, you can use the preloaded lullaby songs to help them sleep.

3. Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-5 is perhaps the most budget-friendly portable video baby monitor on the market right now.

With an 800 foot range, a distance that pretty much covers many households, this device lets you keep an eye on your child, even when you are far away from them.

Unfortunately, the range only works best in open areas. This means that if objects block the signals, the range of the system might be altered.

A Good Reception Range

The DXR-5 Portable Baby Monitor with best range from Infant Optics features an impressive indoor and outdoor reception coverage, which connect you to your baby, whether you are in the house or outside the house.

As long as you are in an open area outdoors and indoors, the 800 feet outdoor range and 150 indoor, this monitor should work just fine.

Automatic Noise Cancelling Mode

Because the mode eliminates residual, static, and white noise, the monitor won’t create any sound unless your baby starts to cry.

As such, the automatic noise cancelling mode lets you sleep in complete silence, making this baby monitor a good option for moms and dads who are light sleepers.

See Your Baby in the Dark

Seeing your baby at night is very important. That’s why Infant Optics DRX-5 baby monitor supports infrared night vision.

With night vision support, you can keep an eye on your baby, no matter what time it is in the night.

4. Babysense Video Baby Monitor for Long Range

Babysense Video Baby Monitor for Long Range

Babysense Long Range Baby Monitor may be simple and pretty basic, but it’s top-rated so it should get the job done.

With a range of up to 900 feet in an open space, a low battery warning, and an out of the range alert, this baby monitor has more than you can ask for from a device that helps you to keep an eye on your child until they are old enough.

The long battery life, auto infrared night vision, and the echo mode option are among the additional bells and whistles that makes Babysense stand out.

Secure Baby Monitor

Babysense uses an advanced, secure, dedicated 2.4GHz frequency for signal transmission.

Because the technology free from interference, you can be sure that no any other person that uses the same device will have access to and interfere with your device.

This, of course, is important for you and your baby, because you don’t want anyone else keeping tabs on them but you.

Simple Setup

Babysense Video Baby Monitor takes less than 2 minutes to setup.

This holds even if you have never used a baby monitor before. All you have to do is to place the camera near your baby, connect the camera with the parent’s unit, and you are good to go.

Because the parent unit of Babysense doesn’t fully control the camera, manual adjustments may be required, especially if you feel that the camera isn’t properly placed.

A Two Way Talk Back

Babysense lets you even talk to your baby whenever you like, especially when you can’t stand them crying, thanks to the two-way talk back feature.

Given that the talk technology allows some kind of conversation between you and your child, they will always have the feeling that you are closer to them, even if you are outside or in a different room in the house.

What’s Not So Good

There are instances when Babysense won’t just cut it.

As good as it is, you cannot get the best out of it if your home has many walls between different units.

Keep in mind that this monitor will never be good enough for parents that need a wider range of visibility. Babysense doesn’t even support the ability to move the camera around.

5. AIVN Video Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor

AIVN Video Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor

Featuring a superior within range tracking and an out-of-range alert, AIVN Video Baby Monitor can keep you close to your child, even when you are a distant from their room.

The 900 feet range works well only in a straight line and open space.

So it is important to make sure you setup the monitor far away from obstruction.

The Nitty-Gritty

With a 10-hour of operation when the battery is fully charged, you can keep tabs on your baby for longer without worrying about the camera going off.

AIVN video baby monitor also supports two-way communication, a feature that lets you talk and bond with your child as if the both of you are close to each other.

Compared to Summer Infant Baby Monitor, AIVN is 300 feet more in range.

Moreover, it offers 4 hours longer battery life, hence more operating time.

Secure FHSS Technology

AIVN uses a secure, advanced 2.4HGz FHSS technology to not only deliver reliable connection, but also to ensure that no one else but you can monitor your baby.

When you are not near your baby, you can be rest assured that they both safe and sound.

The Lullaby Songs

Besides being one of the longest range video baby monitors, this baby monitor comes with loads of preloaded lullaby songs, which are great to sooth your baby to sleep.

As long as your child is not hungry, these songs are good enough to help them catch up some sleep in the shortest time possible.

Simply choose a lullaby that’s interesting to listen to, and give your baby their space to enjoy the music as they wait for sleep to come.

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