Best Long Range Baby Monitors for Busy Parents

The Best Long Range Baby Monitors

This is the ultimate guide to the best long range baby monitors.

Designed to help you connect with your child from anywhere around the house and beyond, these digital devices make it easy for you to keep an eye on and lend an ear to your little one any time.

Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, in the living room watching a television show, or at work far away from home, a long distance monitor will let you see and talk to your child as if you were right there in their room.

In this guide, we’ll look at baby monitors with reasonable effective coverage I’ll highlight the features of each option, fill you in on their pros and cons, and help you to get your purchase right the first time.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

#1 Infant Optics DXR-8 700 ft. Check Price
#2 VTech VM321 1,000 ft. Check Price
#3 VTech DM111 1,000 ft. Check Price
#4 Infant Optics DXR-5 800 ft. Check Price

Our Top Recommendation

Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8 takes the first spot for being the most secure unit with a decent operational range of 750 feet. Its battery life is better than most competition, enabling you to watch your child for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Frequently Asked Questions on Long Range Baby Monitors

Is a Long Distance Baby Monitor Necessary?

You don’t need one if you live in a small apartment.

But if you live in a storied building and your child’s room is on another floor, or you live in a large house and your child’s room is far from yours, then it would be reasonable to invest in one.

Also, effective coverage range is something to consider if you spend a lot of time outside, far away from your baby’s room.

What Range, Then, Is Decent Enough?

With an exception of a few options, audio and video baby monitors can connect you with your young one only up to a certain range.

Some have the coverage of as low as 500 feet. Some options have an effective coverage between 700 and 1000 feet. And some can work really well up to 2000 ft. range in open areas.

The units that work with Wifi are an exception as far as coverage is concerned. Simply put, they have no limits in range. You can use them from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Are These Devices Safe for Kids?

Cases of baby monitor hacking aren’t as common these days. That’s because manufacturers invest a lot of time and resources to make these devices as secure as possible.

Today’s digital monitors feature advanced FHHS and DECT 6.0 technologies that lock data into a single display unit for secure wireless communication.

This means no any other parent unit outside your house, except yours, can access audio and video signals to and from the transmitter in your child’s room.

Audio or Video Monitor: Which One Is Better?

While both types do the same thing, they work differently.

An audio unit lets you hear just the voice of your child, enabling you to determine if they’re calm or crying in the nursery.

A video device, on the other hand, lets you see your child in real time, and it’s an ideal option for you if you’re a parent who prefers a combination of sound and visual signals.

Can You Extend the Range?

Yes, you can. But tweaking the device’s antenna system is a tedious and complex process that isn’t worth your time, especially if you’re a non-techie.

And even if you succeed in modifying the antenna in an attempt to achieve an extended range, the effort wouldn’t make a big difference, to be honest.

The easiest thing to do is to determine how much coverage is suitable for you. And then go ahead and choose a baby monitor that meets your preference.

What Causes the Monitor to Beep?

Some monitors have built-in alarms that go off when you take the parent unit beyond a dedicated range.

The alarms will ring continuously until you move the parent unit closer to the transmitter.

Best Long Range Baby Monitors in 2020

To say that this is just another random list of long range baby monitors would be an understatement.

There really isn’t a more thorough guide than this yet. So let’s get to it right away.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8

#1Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8 is a slim

and lightweight video monitor with a range of 700 feet and a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Designed based on consumer feedback, cutting-edge innovation, and creativity, it’s the most improved version of the DXR-5 and a better option than the latest DXR-6.

The DXR-8 model has an outdoor coverage of 700 feet. But you’ll notice a bit of a lag in transmission somewhere around 650 feet and a complete signal loss beyond the dedicated range. The indoor coverage is about 80 feet, subject to the number of walls between the parent unit and the transmitter.

DXR-8 comes with three interchangeable lenses, which allow you to customize the camera so you can get a better view of your child’s room.

With a focal length of 2.5mm and an aperture of f/2.8, the default lens gives you a decent view of the nursery and its surrounding. The zoom lens brings a child’s image close to the parent unit. And the wide-angle lens is an option to use if you would like to view your baby’s entire room.

The parent unit displays clear images during the day. But the night vision isn’t as vibrant. The sound system produces clear audio free from echoes and distortion. But the lack of sensitivity adjustment and sound distortion means it’s hard to filter background noise.

The parent unit can pair with up to four cameras and the tilt and zoom feature allows you to look around your baby’s room at an angle of your choice. The additional lenses allow you to get a better view of the nursery and your toddler’s entire room.


  • It uses FHSS secure encryption to enhance safety transmission of radio signals
  • Battery can last for up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • Two-way talk communication lets you sooth your baby with your own voice
  • Has a built-in temperature sensor


  • It doesn’t support VOX mode
  • Doesn’t include preset lullabies

2. VTech VM321

#2VTech VM321

This long range baby monitor

has an effective coverage of 1,000 feet, which allows you to stay connected with your child even when you’re outdoor.

Its audio and video signals easily cut through basement and thick insulated wall to establish a stable connection between the transmitter and the parent unit. And while the setup doesn’t support remote pan, tilt, or zoom, you can manually adjust the transmitter to get a better view of the nursery.

VTech VM321 uses DECT 6.0 technology to improve clarity by cleaning up background noises. And it encrypts data on the 2.4GHz frequency to ensure safety communication between the transmitter and the receiver.

The split screen functionality and the ability to connect up to four cameras at the same time make this a good pick for multiple rooms. And thanks to the night vision, a functionality powered by 8 infrared LED lights on each camera, you can even view your baby at night right from your bedroom.

VM321 also supports two-way communication, a function that allows you to soothe your baby, no matter where you’re around the house. And if you don’t want to use this intercom channel, feel free to take advantage of the 5 preset lullabies to calm them on the go.


  • Can connect up to four cameras
  • This is an inexpensive product with a decent range
  • Has a night vision as well as a sound level indictor
  • The code storage is quite handy when managing wires


  • This thing has a short battery life. 3.5 hours is a very short runtime to be honest.
  • Sound disappears when you switch to split screen mode.

3. VTech DM111 Audio Monitor

#3VTech DM111 Audio Monitor

If all you need a

battery-powered audio baby monitor with a decent coverage, then VTech DM111 is a good option to consider.

This non-video unit is cheap, it’s easy to use, and it has an effective coverage of 1,000 feet with an out of range tone.

The DM111’s parent unit has 5 sound level indicators, which help you to interpret noise levels in your child’s room. Green means your baby is calm. Red means they’re crying and need someone to be with them right away. This function works well all the time, even if the receiver is on the mute mode.

To eliminate background noise, and to prevent signal interference, VTech implements DECT 6.0, a digital technology that eliminates false alarms and ensures the only tone you hear is that of your child. The same technology encrypts data for secure communication, leaving hackers with a zero chance for data theft.

The receiver has a low battery indicator just below the power link. It lights up to visually alert you that the battery needs a recharge. You can even set the receiver to beep two times every 10 minutes if the battery is low, allowing you to plug it in to a power outlet right on time.

The parent unit has a clip at the back for portability, a handy feature to use if you would like to fasten it on your pants or belt. In addition, VTech adds a volume control option to the receiver, giving you the freedom to set how loud you’d like the unit to be.


  • A reliable, very easy to use baby monitor
  • DECT 6.0 provides signal security while enhancing sound clarity
  • Includes a low battery and out of range indicator
  • Also includes a handy sound level indicator


  • Doesn’t include rechargeable batteries

4. Infant Optics DXR-5

#4Infant Optics DXR-5

Supporting a 150-foot and an 800-foot indoor and outdoor range respectively, the Infant Optics DXR-5 is one of the premium, long distance monitors that we’ve seen so far.

Keep in mind that both ranges only work well in open areas. This means that objects, like a wall, can block out the signals and limit the effective coverage altogether.

The setup uses a rechargeable Li-on battery to power the 2.4-inch display for at most 6 hours on a single charge. And it has a Voice Activation function that conserves power in sleep mode. When the VOX feature is active, the battery will power the parent unit to provide clear audio feed for up to 12 hours before the next charge.

Since this rechargeable unit has a clear night vision, you can use it to get a better view of your child even in complete darkness. Built to stream video content at 30 FPS, expect this unit to display finer details free from screen tearing, object lags, or output delays.

The key to eliminating residual, static, and white noise lies in the DXR-5’s noise-cancelling mode. Not only does this get rid of false alarms, it also helpful for light sleepers who easily lose their sleep to even the slightest sound at night.


  • Portable and offers up to 12 hours of audio feed on VOX mode
  • VOX feature conserves powers and takes away the need to recharge the unit all the time
  • The auto-mute mode cancels out unnecessary noise to help you sleep better at night
  • Video quality is impressive, free from output lags and scree tearing


  • Camera doesn’t have a power backup
  • The setup doesn’t have a battery charge indicator
  • Short battery runtime when streaming video

5. Motorola MBP36

#5Motorola MBP36

From 5 preset lullabies to

push-to-talk communication Motorola MP36 has nearly all features that you’d want in a remote wireless baby monitor.

It’s lightweight, with a simple design much like the 2.8-inch MBP33. The parent unit isn’t big, but with a screen display roughly the size of an iPhone, you get a sizeable real estate that shows finer details of an infant and their room.

The set up process is straightforward; you can mount it on a wall close to the nursery or stand it on a shelf or a dresser in your toddler’s room.

Since the camera and the parent unit come preregistered, you can start using the setup as soon as you finish putting the camera in the right place.

Motorola MBP36 has a dedicated range of 650 feet, which is decent enough for parents that live in small as well as large apartments.

The 2.4GHz frequency communication link, which transmits video and audio signals between the camera and the receiver, will break if you take the parent unit outside this limit. And there’s an audio alert that beeps every time the unit goes out of range.

The MBP36 uses the FHSS technology to encrypt audio and video signals, easily keeping even the most experienced hacker at bay, as they can never break through the encrypted data.

Plus, it’s not an internet-based model, which again leaves a zero chance for an intruder to get through the encryption.


  • Remote pan, tilt, and zoom makes the camera easy to control
  • Has a built-in temperature monitor
  • MPB36 has a very clear night vision
  • Suitable for multiple rooms because you can connect up to 4 cameras


  • Can’t show continuous video feed when running on battery
  • The battery life could use some upgrade

6. iBaby Care M7 Wifi Baby Monitor

#6iBaby Care M7 Wifi Baby Monitor

The iBaby Care M7 is one of

the most popular options in the Wifi baby monitor category. Like NETGEAR Arlo, it works fine from anywhere, as long as you have reliable internet access.

This package streams quite well, allowing you to see high quality video feed of your child from anywhere around the world. What’s more? You get notifications on time, usually the very moment your smartphone detects movement through the iBaby smartphone app.

The iBaby iOS and Android app is one of its own kind. It isn’t perfect, probably hasn’t had a makeover for a while, but it works fine.

To begin with, the app allows you to control the camera remotely. You can pan, tilt, and zoom it to get a better view of your child’s room.

You can also use the app to initiate a two-way communication and talk to your child as though you were right there in their room. To use this feature, simply press and hold the mic button in the app.

If you don’t have time to talk to your baby, especially when you’re busy at work, take advantage of the built-in music and stories system to sooth and keep them entertained.

Apparently, the iBaby Care M7 is the only baby monitor with bedtime stories and extendable music libraries.

You will love the video quality of this monitor. Like Arlo, what you get displayed on your smartphone are 1080 videos, which are generally clear and crisp. Plus, the camera has an infrared night vision, which lets you see your baby even in complete darkness.


  • The app includes tons of features
  • You can control the camera remotely to get a better view of the nursery
  • The only baby monitor with a library of bedtime stories


  • Doesn’t have a dedicated parent unit
  • Prone to hacking
  • Can’t work on low Wifi connection
  • The camera is rather bulky

7. Nest Security Camera

#7Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera is not a baby monitor per se. But hundreds of experiments and tests clearly indicate that you can use to keep an eye on your child.

It’s a plug-n-play option. There are no complex configuration steps, no IP address settings, no those long and boring setup manual. Plus, the only cord you will ever have to deal with is the one for the power adapter, which is a must-have for the camera to work.

Besides, it has all those bells and whistles you’d frankly want in a baby monitor, from clear night vision and movement detection to system alerts and two-way communication.

For a category, it fits well in the list of Wifi baby monitors. And like iBaby Care M7, it captures videos in 1080p resolution and it has no limit in effective coverage.

This camera’s sound clarity isn’t anything promising, but, still, it’s audible enough. The video quality is up to standard because, at least, you get clear and smooth feed provided your internet connection is stable.

Nest Security Camera is always on standby mode. A slight sound or motion, even that of a crawling insect or someone’s shadow, and it turns on immediately. Then, it sends you a notification through the Nest App right away.


  • Offers cloud storage for unlimited hours of recording
  • Sends you notification regularly
  • Talk back feature lets you communicate with your loved ones


  • Doesn’t have a dedicated parent unit
  • It’s susceptible to hacking
  • Some Nest App features are limited to premium members
  • The regular notifications are really annoying

8. HelloBaby 3.2-Inch Video Baby Monitor

#8HelloBaby 3.2-Inch Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby is one of the oldest units around. But it has all the controls in the right place and it’s easy to maneuver. And it works as expected.

The parent unit is small. At 3.2-inch, it’s somewhat tiny, nearly the display size Infant Optics DXR-8 display.

Signal coverage is up to 960 feet in open air, travels a few hundred feet less through walls, and there isn’t any major issue with the connection. In addition, this unit isn’t susceptible to hacking because the advanced 2.4GHz communication link encrypts data and eliminates signal dropouts.

Expect a smooth frame rate of the video feed once you successfully pair the camera and the parent unit. Image displayed on the receiver during the day are clear and crisp. And the night vision is up to standard, as the display is so grain free that it allows you to see your baby even in complete darkness.

Other important features of HelloBaby 3.2-inch include a talkback feature, a built-in sensor for monitoring nursery’s temperature, and 8 preset lullabies for comforting and soothing your baby. Plus, the ability to connect and monitor up to four cameras makes this unit a good option for twins or multiple rooms.


  • Reliable connection between cameras and parent unit, with only occasional hiccups
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good frame rate for video feed, clear day and nighttime images
  • Features an automated VOX mode that extends battery life
  • Easy to use, you don’t even need a manual to set it up


  • Screen too bright even on the dimmest setting
  • The buttons are somewhat awkwardly placed

9. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

#9DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

DBPOWER has been around

for a while. It’s iconic and secure. And while it’s not cheap like Infant Optics DXR-5, it’s becoming increasingly popular because it’s reliable and less subject to false alarms.

The package includes a 4.3-inch display parent unit and a camera with a shelf mount at the back for easy installation. And it has a signal coverage of up to 1,000 feet, with an out of range indicator.

The setup process is very straightforward. You can mount the camera on a ceiling, place it on a raised dresser, or install it on one of the walls close to the nursery. Then pair the camera with the parent unit and start monitoring your child.

You will love this setup because it’s easy to expand, allowing you to add 3 extra cameras and monitor them in split screen mode.

There’s a temperature sensor built-in at the base of the camera. It lets you know how hot or cold your child’s room is via the receiver. This, if anything, goes a long way to allow you adjust the heat level accordingly and with ease.

DBPOWER’s camera records crisp and clear videos. Then, it securely transmits the signals to the 4.3-inch parent unit.

The setup also includes a talkback function for communication between you and your child. And it’s very easy to use, by the way. Press the talkback button to activate the microphone and then speak to your child to calm them down or issue a command.

DBPOWER is, by far, the only video baby monitor that has a promising battery life. The rechargeable lithium battery offers a 9-hour runtime on a single charge. And the built-in alert system even warns you each time the battery runs low.


  • You can control the camera remotely; rotate it 110 degrees vertically and 270 degrees horizontally
  • Clear infrared night vision
  • Long battery runtime on a single charge
  • Includes a video recording feature that captures and stores your child’s moments in an SD card


  • It’s an expensive product

10. NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor

#10NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor

From a two-way audio channel and HD video feed to a temperature monitor and air quality sensor, Arlo has nearly all the features that you’d really want in an internet-based baby monitor.

The camera is easy to setup and manage. You just need to mount it on a wall or place it on a dresser close to the nursery. Then, pair it with the Arlo App for Android or iOS.

Although you can power the camera with the built-in rechargeable battery, you’ll only get at most 3 hours of runtime. For extended use, it’s only appropriate if you plug it in to a power outlet.

By default, the camera captures videos at 720p resolution, but you can easily extend it to 1080p if you want very high definition visual output. The camera is sharp and clear. At 1080 pixels, expect to get high quality display during the day and a clear night vision that lets you see your child even in complete darkness.

NETGEAR Arlo can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and the Arlo App installed on your smartphone. It’s therefore an option to consider if you’d like to keep an eye on your child eve if you’re far away from home.

In addition, it has a well-built speaker, clear enough to play lullabies to sooth your baby without being too noisy.


  • Has an “Always Listening” mode that alerts you every time there’s sound in the nursery
  • You can easily customize and personalize notifications
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit
  • Records and stores videos in the cloud for a week


  • Short battery life; you get only a 3-hour runtime
  • Sometimes struggles to synchronize data to the Arlo App

A Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right Long Range Baby Monitors

If you rush into buying a baby monitor without first considering your choices, chances are you won’t enjoy the experience of using it. A good monitor is, in essence, a form of investment because you can use and reuse it many times with future babies.

But baby monitors can only last for long and serve you better if you make the right choice. Asking yourself certain questions will set you on the right path to choosing a baby monitor that meets your needs.

Thinking keenly about your baby monitor will also enable you to balance your expenditure, either by avoiding under investing in a monitoring device that won’t serve you well, or over investing in a gadget with excess features that you don’t need.

And with that said, here’s a better way to use the right long distance baby monitor.

Audio Quality: Is Sound Configuration Up to Standard?

qualuty of baby monitor sound

A poor quality baby monitor tends to have undesirable sound configurations that might be unpleasant to the ear. More often than not, they are subject to electromagnetic wave transfer, which generates noise that mixes up with the actual sound that you should hear from a parent unit’s speaker.

A good baby monitor, on the other hand, should have a noise canceling function that filters out all the noise and produces only what is necessary. And luckily enough, the 2.4 GHz communication link does this for you.

Improved sound clarity means you don’t have to turn the volume way up to listen to a toddler. It also protects the ears from damage, especially in the case of devices with built-in talkback functionality.

Plus, a unit that shields off white noise will ensure you get a good night sleep as you don’t have to keep waking up to insignificant sounds such as a child’s normal breathing.

Examine the Video Quality

video display of a baby monitor

Just because it’s a video baby monitor doesn’t mean it’s the best option to consider. Some have poor quality video outputs that eventually prove useless.

Extremely slow moving pictures and poor graphics can make your monitoring work difficult and tedious. Instead of staring at a screen that takes centuries to load, you might as well walk to the baby’s room and see him or her physically.

In most cases, output lag is a common occurrence in weak Wifi devices since they do not transmit data fast enough. Other gadgets also fail to integrate their outputs, thereby producing sounds that don’t go hand in hand with their images.

Devices that have low RAM and poor screen resolution are likely to face such problems, hence the need to go for more powerful baby monitors.

Night vision is also becoming very popular these days. Instead of having to keep your lights on during the night, go for a gadget with cameras with built-in infrared light as they can help you to see in the dark. This will not only save your energy expenses but also enable your baby to note the difference between day and night, thereby aligning their body clock and sleep pattern.

Ease of Use

Do you have the time to go through an entire manual to learn how to set up and operate a baby monitor? If not, then you probably need to ensure the monitor you intend to buy has a casual, user-friendly interface.

An intuitive interface allows even the least tech savvy person to easily set up and use the device. Whether it has dedicated buttons or touch screen, a good baby monitor should be straightforward and easy to operate and troubleshoot.

Some sellers also provide online customer assistants that users can consult anytime. Going for these is better than buying gadgets from a shop that leaves you to figure out everything for yourself.

Go for a Simple Setup

Parts of a baby monitor that your child may accidentally get their hands on, such as the receiver microphones, shouldn’t be too small as they are choking hazards.

In addition, too many connecting cables wouldn’t be appropriate as they may put the baby in danger. This case, though, only applies if you have the monitor close to a nursery.

You also need a baby monitor that raises alarm when the baby doesn’t move for too long, since this may be a sign that they are in trouble. As such, a baby movement monitor like the New Babysense 7 may be helpful.

Battery Life

Devices that use disposable batteries can be rather expensive and inconvenient to use. So you should consider buying a baby monitor with rechargeable batteries.

In addition, the batteries shouldn’t be weak such that they need a recharge too often. For your own convenience, the batteries should also take the shortest time to recharge and offer not less than 4 or 5 hours runtime.

Alternatively, go for devices that connect permanently to the mains socket and automatically shift to battery mode during power outage.

Good Looks Matter

A classy baby monitor can add touch to the beauty of your home. You need to avoid gadgets that have so many cables attached to them, especially if you will be using internet-based communication.

You should buy a properly curved baby monitor. If one day you get tired of using it, you can simply wrap it and gift it at a friend or family member’s baby shower.

Examine the Quality of the Camera

quality of the camera matters

Sound activated units are no longer a big deal when it comes to keeping tabs on your child.

Like most parents, you want to be able to have a visual of your young one – and in HD format if possible. There is a great comfort in being able to see your baby snooze away.

So, in terms of camera, make sure it’s infrared. Infrared cameras always deliver high quality and night vision. One disadvantage of an excellent camera in your baby monitor is that it is likely to replace Netflix in terms of the best channel of choice.

The Effective Coverage Must Be Good Enough

This guide has been about units with reasonable effective coverage range. And I can’t stress enough just how important this is.

Different baby monitor units have different ranges. So, check the range before buying to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

To out this into perspective, buy a monitor that can navigate through the round corners and thick walls and still bring you live and clear feed of your baby.

A Temperature Sensors is an Added Advantage

This isn’t exactly a necessary feature.

But it’s important nonetheless, especially to families that live in apartments that don’t have central heating systems.

The temperature monitor enables you to keep a record of an approximate level of heat in the nursery.

Two-way Communication

two way communication

This is one of the features that, while important, isn’t great with babies.

For the long distant units with one-way communication, it would make a lot of sense because it enables you to talk to your baby, soothe them to sleep, and even give them a sense that you are right there in their room with them.

But, what can we say about the two-way communication?

Well, it is okay if a baby monitor has this feature. After all, you can’t do anything about it. Just don’t peg your buying decision on it.

Let’s Wrap This Up

If you are going to look for a baby monitor that has all the features listed above, you will definitely have to dig deeper into your pocket.

However, some outlets tend to overprice their products. Yet just because something is expensive doesn’t make it qualitative.

Take time to compare and match different gadgets against their price tags.

Also, read various reviews online because only the people who’ve used a particular brand before can accurately say whether a unit will give you the value for you money.

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