What Chair Does Shroud Use

What Chair Does Shroud Use in 2024

Before we dive in to find out which chair Shroud uses, let’s introduce the famous player Shroud, a perfect gamer in games such as Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and CS: Go.

Shroud is a Candian aged 22-years old who became famous after his famous stint in the game CS: GO competitive against the US team cloud 9. He does compete with any of the games encompassed within the ESPORTS universe during the current times.

Shroud is still known as a famous player because of the Twitch live shows, a platform through which he broadcasts all his games on Fortnite, PUBG, and many others.

Shroud is known as the best aimers all over the United States. He started his professional life teaming up with the Slow-motion team. Then he started playing under the logo of Manajuma and Exertus, for which he stood out to aim.

After which, he signed Complexity Gaming working as a substitute. During 2014, Shroud and the Cloud 9 team and these companions ranked in the American Giant continued to play until August 2017. In the present times, he decided to quit Competitive Counter-Strike and leave Cloud9 too for exploring new opportunities.

Now let’s talk about the gaming chair that Shroud uses:

What chair does Shroud use?

Shroud’s new chair, Herman Miller, is comparatively less striking than the Maxnomic chair that he used in the past. However, when we talk about its comfort and ergonomic support, it’s a top-notch chair for gamers.

The Aeron by Herman Miller chair has become everyone’s favorite because of its convenience and ease of use. Thanks to all the close-knitted work by the chief designer plus specialists who work in this field.

This chair comes in several improvements in terms of lumbar support, mesh, color schemes, and adjustments.

The best part! It comes with a Posturefit SL, which offers enough support to your back with intuitive adjustments and maximum comfort, allowing you to switch quickly to and fro.

Features of the mesmerizing Aeron Herman Miller chair:

This premium chair offers stunning delicacy in all segments of its ergonomics. The design of this chair is fantastic, making it one of the best-selling chairs of North America. Shroud and Mark Zuckerberg also love this chair because this chair itself speaks about the mastery design, which adapts well to all humans’ body shapes.

The perfect pellicle netting:

Designers like Don Chadwick and Bill Stump have installed this chair with the revolutionary and most exceptional pellicle mesh netting, making it strong and aerated.

Adjustable armrests:

Indulge in a relaxed feel with this Shroud chair as it comes with adjustable armrests allowing you to work well for extended durations. Not only for players, but this chair also serves well for people who spend most of their time in front of computer screens.

Moreover, you can also tilt the armrests of this chair by 17.5 degrees in order to use the keyboard or tilt it for a more comfortable working experience with a mouse.

Posture fit:

To maintain your spine’s health in a perfect posture, this chair comes installed with the posture Fit SL, which helps in relieving the pelvic area pain. Plus, it features the kinemal mechanism that ensures a smooth transition of an individual from an upright position to a bent one.

You’ll fall in love with the stunning chair as it comes with eight ergonomic zones over the backrest. Plus, the adjustable locking allows forward tilting. The load capacity for this Aeron Herman Miller chair is around 104 kgs. The invariants come with castors, which are perfectly designed for soft and hard floors.


This awe-inspiring chair is prepared from fabric coating material, mesh covers, metal construction material, and plastic for wheel material.


Now, let’s talk about the dimensions of the chair that Shroud uses:

  • Height- 106.7cm
  • Width- 67.8cm
  • Seat Width- 51.5cm
  • Seat depth- 43.2cm
  • Weight- 22kgs


This Aeron Herrman miller chair is available in three different sizes.


The design of this chair is minimal and sleek. Plus, it’s available in four different finishes making it the perfect choice for buyers who seek high-quality chairs that mix well with their setup.

Other features:

It comes with an automatic recline option that offers enough support to the users for sitting or different positions they plan to adopt. Not only this, you can easily customize this chair accordingly, selecting your preference from all aspects, whether it’s the design, caster type, material, armrests, and much more.

Wrap up:

Shroud is a well-known video gaming streamer plus a Twitch star who has brilliant gaming skills. He worked with several teams and won several prizes during his tenure. Shroud also has several subscribers on Youtube and other social media platforms, which gets him paid for several subscribers. Shroud’s current net worth is around $4 million, which continues to rise because of his investment online. You’ll definitely fall in love with the Aeron Herman miller chair; it’s just that you might find it costly.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that people wonder about the chair used by Shroud are:

Are these chairs bad for the back?

It is a typical question that each one of us wonders while buying this costly chair. But when we talk about this chair, you won’t regret buying it as it does not hurt.

Why is the Aeron Herman Miller chair expensive?

It’s because the manufacturers invest more money in the assembly and components of this chair, which respectively increases the cost. The gaming seats withstand enough pressure and allow you to indulge in enough mobility.

Does this chair come with a long-life?

Yes! Definitely, it’s an expensive chair that comes with a long-life and perfect brightness.

Is Aeron Herman miller a reliable brand?

Yes, it’s a perfectly good choice brand that gives you a stunning range of ergonomic chairs that can be used for gaming setups, offices, art galleries, and much more.

How much is the cost of Shroud’s chair?

So once you learned all about the chair that Shroud uses, let’s dive in to find out about its price. Before you know the actual price, you must understand why it’s expensive. This ergonomic chair is sold for $1255, but Shroud spends most of the time on this chair, making it worth buying.

However, if you customize the chair, you need to pay an additional $200-$300.

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