The Best 27 Inch Monitor Under 300 in 2024
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The Best 27 Inch Monitor Under 300 in 2024

If you are looking for a best 27 inch monitor under 300, this guide is for you.

Today if you ask any techie for a computer monitor recommendation, they’ll tell you to choose one with a bigger screen.

Here’s why:

Large screen displays feature brighter, sharper, and improved resolutions to enrich a user’s experience and boost overall productivity.

While going big is better, especially when you itch for an upgrade, screens with awe-inspiring sizes don’t always cost your pocket change.

In fact, many 27-inch monitors are priced well over $500; not so pocket-friendly for someone who can’t spend that much on the go.

Still, you can get a 27-inch monitor that promises decent performance for most needs, for a price less than $300.

Even if you are hard pressed down on a very tight budget, you can still get a better wide-screen monitor that falls into the sweet spot.

Best 27 Inch Monitor Under 300 in 2024

Below are the top five, well-rated monitors with crisp display that you can get right now.

1. ASUS MX279H Full HD 1080P IPS Monitor

Asus takes the future of display technology and fits it perfectly in our modern lives.

In fact, the MX279H won some Good Design Awards for being the brand’s well-thought, cutting-edge display technology.

And this one hit the limelight fast for its bright display, image vibrancy, and all-around color presentation.

Asus MX279H uses the latest In-Plane Switching technology for improved color accuracy.

And the 16:9 aspect ratios minimizes color shift on both horizontal and vertical planes. The IPS technology has a 178-degre viewing angles that boosts the overall viewing experience of the user.

The built-in Tracer Free Technology boosts the display’s response time by controlling voltage levels. And the improved response time eliminates screen tearing, ghosting, and tracers.

The MX279H has 32mm diameter speakers that have a sound impact almost similar to some top quality desktop speakers. The built-in amplifier improves bass performance and powers sound production to improve audio quality.

The QuickFit Virtual Scale, a feature you can activate using the monitor’s hotkey, makes graphic design and photo editing easy and straightforward.

2. Samsung C27F591 4K Curved Monitor under 300

The eyes hugging, truly immersive curved screen makes Samsung C27F591 a good option for desktop gaming.

Although it is somewhat limited in ergonomic adjustments, the design is still stylish with all-around interface controls.

This curved computer monitor has limited display connections. So you want to keep that in mind if you choose to settle for it.

The VA panel used serves up brilliant and punchy colors, and the 5ms refresh rate render a smooth playback for fast moving objects you will hardly notice motion blurs.

The built-in Eye Saver Mode reduces flickering and blue light emissions, and the AMD FreeSync easily minimize content latency by synchronizing the refresh rate of the screen with the frame rate of the images.

Samsung C27F591’s stereo speakers produce high quality sound, so they are decent for watching movies, listening to music, and gaming.

The volume levels aren’t that bad; listening at between 30% and 60% is more than enough. The bass may not be top notch for some people, but the range is still decent.

Unfortunately, this monitor does not have many connectivity options. You get only one HDMI, one VGA connector, two 3.5mm ports for audio input and output, and it doesn’t have a USB port.

3. HP Pavilion 27-inch IPS Monitor

Even at such an affordable price of below 300 dollars, the HP Pavilion is still as good as some high-end 27-inch computer monitors on the market.

It might not be feature packed enough, but it still packs the punch for general web browsing, watching movies, general productivity, and simple gaming.

This monitor isn’t good enough for competitive, fast-paced gaming. But if you are into detailed environments and open-world type of games, this should work fine for you.

It nails down so well on user experience right out of the box. The low haze coating minimizes reflections so you can play games and watch movies without straining.

The blacks are deep, the whites are crisp, and every color in between is rich in brightness and vibrancy.

With a 8ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate, the Pavilion isn’t good enough for serious gamers. If used for competitive gaming, a user will run into serious ghosting, motion blurs, and screen tearing.

So, if you are into fast-twitch games, you should look elsewhere for a better monitor.

When it comes to connectivity options, HP Pavilion features two HDMI ports and one VGA port. It does not have any audio port, so not a good option if you expect this feature on a monitor.

4. AOC Q2778VQE 1440P LED-Lit Monitor

Marketing gimmicks have made us believe that high resolution, 27-inch monitors often cost a fortune.

But when you bring AOC Q2778VQE to the picture, the public stunt becomes a mere hype.

The Q2778VQE is a budget monitor with crisp, visual capability.

And while it has a few issues here and there, these don’t really compromise performance.

Many of us are already used to a 120Hz refresh rate, with the least being 100Hz for gaming. Unfortunately, the AOC Q2778VQE can only go up to 60Hz. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, because with a decent response time of 1ms, motion blurs and ghosting are nonexistent.

Moreover, this monitor may not have been richly awarded with many connectivity options, but what’s available is more than enough.

You get a single connector each for VGA, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI, and DVI. The AOC Q2778VQE does not have even a single USB connectivity option, so keep that in mind if you are considering this as an option.

Again, Q2778VQE does not have VESA mounting points. But you can still use a VESA Adapter if you would like to mount it on a monitor arm.

Keep in mind that the built-in speakers are not even close to good, so it makes a lot of sense to buy others.

5. Samsung C27F398 Curved Monitor for Macbook Pro

The Samsun C27F398 is a good option for people who are looking for a 27-inch monitor that curves well and wraps around a user to create a truly immersive experience for work and play.

Gracefully designed and practical in functionality, the Full HD screen not only makes images sharper and clearer but also protects eyes from possible discomfort.

Samsun C27F398’s Game Mode lets you personalize colors and contrasts for both multimedia projects and gaming.

With the Eye Saver Mode on, you can minimize flickering and emission of blue lights to protect your eyes from straining, especially if you intend to spend a lot of time on the screen.

The Eco-Saving Plus ensures that this monitor uses the least amount of power possible. As such, this computer monitor is a good option for people to whom power consumption is a concern.

The Samsun C27F398 doesn’t have many connectivity options. It provides only for a HDMI and a VGA cable. There are no USB or DP ports, so you will need to buy an additional adapter if you really must work with these.

The monitor has an audio port that lets you incorporate a sound system in the mix; this is good for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, and other multimedia use.

What to Look for in a 27-Inch Monitor Priced Below 300 Bucks

Before you spend money on a 27-inch monitor that sells for less than 300 dollars, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What resolution should I consider?
  • What panel technology does the monitor use?
  • How many connectivity ports does the monitor have?
  • What’s the monitor’s refresh rate and response time?
  • Does the brand offer warranty and support?

Check the Resolution of the Monitor
Because a monitor with a high resolution displays finer details, the objects on the screen look clear, sharp, and easy on eyes.

So, a monitor with a higher resolution is always better. But, you can’t just choose a 2K, 4K, or Full HD resolution on the fly.

You first need check your GPU’s processing power to determine how much resolution it can handle.

Determine How Many Connectivity Ports You Need
The last mistake you want to make is to pay for a monitor that doesn’t have the input/output ports that you need.

The different types of ports include DVI, HDMI, USB, and Display Ports. Some monitors don’t include all of these, which is why it is important to check the type and number of ports included on a monitor before buying.

Check the Response Time and Refresh Rate
The faster a given pixel changes color the better the quality of the image displayed and improved visual experience.

Choose a monitor that has the lowest response rate possible. A rate between 1ms and 5ms second is often fine for most needs.

Anything above 5ms isn’t suitable because it could lead to inconsistency in display when looking at fast moving objects.

Don’t forget to check the refresh rate of the monitor. You don’t want to deal with screen tearing, so choose a monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is usually good for everyday tasks.

If you are into some serious gaming or you love watching fast action movies, settle for a refresh rate of 120Hz, 144Hz, or higher.

Know Your Preferred Panel Technology
Not all monitors are made equal. Some are IPS, some are VA, and still others are NT. Twisted Nematic are common because they are cheap, but the color vibrance and color presentation could use some help.

Vertical Alignment technology has a better contrast ratio, displays deep blacks well, but it is not without ghosting effects.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) monitors, on the other hand, are better than VA and TN in terms of color quality and viewing angle. The only problem is that it can’t match the pixel response of Twisted Thematic panels.

Do You Care About Warranty and Support?
It doesn’t make sense to buy electronics from a brand that doesn’t offer consumer protection and customer support.

As long as the brand offer consumer protection and professional customer service, you should be good to go.

Also, keep in mind that the warranty attached to monitors vary from brand to brand.

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