the best headphones for kids this year

What are the Best Headphones for Kids?

If your child must enjoys listening to music, you need to buy them the best headphones for kids.

Every melody on their playlist can promote their physical health and enhance their cognitive abilities.

Music also helps to improve their emotional and social stability, and their mental wellness.

There is a problem, though:

Almost every headset on the market has a label that reads ‘best’ and ‘satisfaction guaranteed’.

If the two terms don’t throw in some confusions and questions, they’ll probably get you buying the wrong product for your child.

To help you choose the best headphones for your boy and/or girl, it is best to judge the quality of a product based on consumers’ perspective.

The Best Kids Headphones in 2021

1. Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

Kidz Gear fits young consumers who love to listen to music all day. With a fine-tuned ergonomic and sound-setting options, you can let your child use these headphones to listen to their favorite tunes, and worry less about their ears.

The Kidz Control Volume Limit technology is one of a kind. You can control how loud your child’s music should be.

Kidz Gear supports multi-device function capabilities. It works well with iPhone, iPads, Android Smartphones, and iPods.

This set is now available in five different colors – Green, Orange Blue, Pink, and Purple.

2. Ailihen I35 Stereo

Ailihen I35 Stereo is a lightweight, foldable pair of headphones that works well with Blackberry System Phones, Android Devices, and IOS devices.

Additional supported devices include MP3 and MP4 players, Mac OS X Computers, and all the variations of Windows computers.

Features include a microphone for voice calls, folding design, noise-canceling function, and an ergonomic design.

The headphones are comfortable, well padded, and extremely soft. So, your child can wear them for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

The noise-canceling feature enables you to control noise around your kids in minutes.

The code is made using durable fabric, so the set will last for a long time before you can replace them.

Note that Ailihen Stereo does not come with a storage bag.

3. Rock-N-Grv Wireless Headphones

Rock-N-Grv is a must-have for parents who are looking for the best headphones with exceptional sound quality. The sound quality of this product is almost close to perfect.

If you have tried a number of headphones and you compare them to these ones, you will notice the difference in sound production and the product’s material quality. The headphones aren’t just comfortable; they do fit in properly, too.

The bass is optimum; the tremble is neither thin nor too loud. And as if that’s not good enough, how about knowing that these headphones are perfect for any kind of music?

It does not matter whether your kid is a fan of jazz and hip-hop or they are addicted to slow church-like music, the pair will deliver the best music experience that your kid loves.

4. Califone 2810-PA Listening First Stereo Headphones

Listening First Kids most durable headphones is a first choice for kids who want to bring their music with them wherever they go.

It is fit for toddlers the same way it is for teens.

Because it features an outstanding frequency response, guarantee of sound quality from different music devices, and the best volume control options, the Listening First Kids Stereo is a piece your young one you fall in love with within a very short time.

The headphones feature 5.5-foot straight cord, lather ear cushion, noise-reducing plastic ear cups, and protective slotted baffles.

The leather ear cushion and noise-reducing ear cups reduces external noise, thereby allowing your child to focus on what’s truly important – their music.

5. Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids

The 100% satisfaction guarantee that Kidz Gear Warranty Headphones for kids promises is not a far-fetched hype.

Anyone who has bought the pair for their kids already knows that the product has a lifetime-limited warranty already.

But this set of headphone isn’t just worth buying because of the satisfaction guarantee label.

It has a code length of 1.5 meters and a frequency of up to 20,000 Hz. The set of headphones is best for kids from the age of 2 going forward.

It features a fold-flat design, and it guarantees maximum audio safety for your child. Kidz Gear comes in different colors, so you can choose what you believe your child will love.

6. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium

Let’s face it; high quality wireless kids Bluetooth headphones aren’t easy to finds on the market these days.

You’ve probably bought one that only lasted a week, broke download, and lost its value.

Sure, it is a waste of money on your side, and your kid is probably having a bad time.

Why not try LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Headphones, the best headphones for kids in 2017.

Featuring soft touch fabric, 12-hour battery life, 180 hours on standby, durable micro-USB charging cable, and a soft carrying bag,

LilGadgets Untangled Pro has a lot to be admired. The headphones are adjustable; so you can use them for small as well as big heads.

7. Ncredible1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The beautiful thing about wireless headphones is they aren’t prone to damages, literally.

That’s what makes Ncredible1 Wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids special.

Created exclusively for RadioShack by Nick Cannon technologies, this device can support Bluetooth enabled Android and iOS Smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and laptops.

The headphones support a range of up to 9 meters. It comes with a USB charger. And it has a battery life of up to 15 hours of listening.

It takes a maximum of two hours to recharge the batteries. Ncredible1 Bluetooth headphones also have music controllers that allow your child to switch between lyrics when and if they want.

8. Kenu Groovies

Nothing is like Kenu Groovies.

Its special volume limiting technology helps you to maintain a suitable sound level for your child.

So, it is absolutely safe for young ears.

Because they are easily adjustable, Kenu Groovies suits kids of ages three and up.

It supports audio sharing, making it possible for another child to listen to the same song, game, or show.

Kenu Groovies have hypoallergenic ear pads, which provide all day comfort and amazing music, shows, and gaming experience to your child.

When your child gets their Groovies on, you can be sure of nothing short of premium sound quality. The flexibility of the headbands will provide your child a perfect fit.

9. Kidrox Wired Headphones

Whether you are planning a car trip and want to keep your child busy with music or you are just looking for the best headphones for kids for indoor use, Kidrox Wired is the best pair to buy for your prince or prices.

And Kidrox aren’t just perfect for music. Your child can use them for video games and movies, too.

Although they have low decibel levels and work really well, they aren’t adjustable.

Not to worry, though, because that is not a bad thing.

In fact, not being able to adjust the headphones makes them harder to break. Another downside is they aren’t too great for flights because of the low volume control.

10. iClever BoostCare

The iClever BoostCare headphones are not only too cute and comfortable, but also they deliver an amazing listening experience that will keep your child busy with their favorite tunes all day long.

The headband is soft, and the ear pads are comfortable.

The volume Limiting Technology enabled on this device takes away your worry about what would happen if your child raised the volume of their music when you are not around.

This set of headphones is lightweight and it has the best headband suitable for your child.

  • You can limit the volume of the music in minutes.
  • It comes with a tangle free cord
  • The iClever BoostCake are solid and well made
  • They are durable, so they should last long.

11. iClever for School

The iCelever Kids Headphone for school was designed with little ones in mind.

Featuring instant volume-limiting capabilities, durable audio cables, and rich sound quality from different sources, this headphone stands out as the best music device that money can buy for your child.

The headphones are great for kids’ tablet, Smartphones, and iPads.

The safe volume control technology lets you control the level of sound that enters your child’s ears, so you don’t have to worry about ear damages when you are not near your child.

Overall, iClever is not only suitable for hanging out and for home but also for car rides and plane trips.

12. OnAnOff Kids Headphones

Your kid needs high quality music, and the bests headphones for kids by OnAnOff are a perfect choice for your girl or boy.

Unlike adults’ headphones, which are often too noisy and useless in most cases, these ones fit your child perfectly.

They deliver rich sound from DVD, Game Players, MP3 devices, Radio Smartphones as well as Television.

They are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use. If you are looking for a set that can last for a long time, here you have it.

Moreover, they allow you to set an appropriate volume before your child can start using them.

And not to be preachy, the Kids Headphones by OnAnOff are lightweight, so you can carry bring them with you wherever you go.

13. Play+ Headphones with Audio Sharing Port

Play+ headphones for kids features a built-in volume limiter set at a decibel of 93.

It also has sharing ports, which are suitable for creating chain link headphones for sharing the same music between or among kids.

Sure, Play+ doesn’t come with a “satisfaction guaranteed” label, but the set definitely delivers what it promises in written text.

If you are choosy when it comes to picking colors, you are lucky, too.

Play+ comes in different colors, so you can choose what pleases your eyes and that of your child.

If you plan to buy these as gifts to more than one child, it would be great if you go for different colors.

These colorful headphones can create a colorful chain of musical experience when you decide to share the same music with kid via the sharing ports.

14. Mystic Unicorn Kids Headphones

This set was specifically designed for kids who don’t fancy big and heavy over-the-ear headsets.

The Mystic Unicorn Kids Headphones come with 52-inch durable audio cables, and it is suitable for any device that accepts a 3.5 mm jack pin.

Besides being the best device for all day music, Mystic Unicorn also doubles as a powerful sleeping aid because it never falls off once your child wears it.

The set will wrap comfortably around your kid’s head.

Also, Mystic Unicorn Headphones are easy to clean, so it shouldn’t take you long to do that.

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If design is anything to go by, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle headset for kids is truly a fragrance of quality design.

Just from a glance, you notice that the set has large ear pads.

These will cover your child’s entire ears, which in turn delivers the best surround sound musical experience.

These best headphones for kids are easy to adjust, so any head should easily fit in.

Because Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle over-the-ear headphones have a classic design, you wouldn’t really want to buy anything else for your child but this set.

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