best essential oil diffuser for large space

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Spaces

There’s no better way to get the most out of an essential oil than to use a high quality diffuser. And if you live in a bigger house, a model that best suits large space is what you should be looking for.

To be clear:

A well-built diffuser can breathe fresh aroma to all corner of your house. That way, you can freely enjoy the benefits of holistic healing treatment. In fact, the emitted fragrance mist can give you a metal boost, ease your anxiety, can your heart, relax your soul, and improve your mental health.

What we love about essential oils and diffusers for large spaces is their ability to spread the scent all over an entire room. Not to mention that they offer better relief than therapy sessions and conventional interventions.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space Review

If you already have your favorite bottle of essential oil and you’re ready to invest in an appropriate diffuser, below are some options to consider.

1. Vic Tsing Cool Mist Humidifier

With a design mimicking the African pot, the Vic Tsing Mist Humidifier sports buttons on its front section that you can use to turn the unit on and even make your settings.

It has a broad base with its three rubber pads and includes air outlets at the bottom end.

Vic Tsing boasts of an aesthetic appeal that blends with office furniture, yoga studio, the bedroom and just about anywhere you would want to have moistened air.

It can easily fool you to believe that it’s made of hardwood. In fact, the faux wood looks so genuine, and only a careful look reveals that the construction is strictly of hard BPA-free plastic.

With a capacity of 300 ml, Vic Tsing guarantees to run for 10 hours non-stop. It also has an automatic shut-off system that shuts it down when it runs out of the water.

And like the best essential oil diffusers for large spaces in this guide, the Vic Tsing has four settings. There is one hour, three hours, six hours and the steady option, which goes on for ten hours.

Apart from diffusing the powerful aroma of essential oils, this diffuser also moistens and softens the skin as you sleep. What’s more? Its aromatic releases help to soothe congested sinuses and flu.

What We Find Good
  • Can work for 10 hours nonstop
  • Shuts off automatically when water levels are low
  • Has a variety of seven lights that you can choose
What We May Not Find Good
  • It still leaves behind light at the middle, and it’s nearly impossible to turn this light off entirely.

2. PureSpa Natural Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space

The PureSpa Natural Essential Oil Diffuser is rounded and has a stable base so you can place it on any flat surface.

While its capacity isn’t the best out there, it gives out a light yet intense mist that perfectly dispenses your essential oils. It is also made of BPA-free hard plastic that guarantees quality air.

Its 200ml capacity is undeniably limited, but this does not stop it from giving you up to 10 continuous hours of dispensing. It may not produce as much mist as the top of the range diffusers, but it gives out the intense aroma and can spread up to 250 square feet of the room.

PureSpa is cold and doesn’t heat the oil, which means that the air produced is unadulterated and pure.

Because this diffuser also doubles as an ionizer, it will get rid of the heavy scent and leave your indoor air homely and clean.

The LED lighting can change to four different cool colors. If you want, you can have one color run for whole four hours, or even set it in a way that the four colors alternate. If the light is bothersome, you can opt for the mist without any light.

The versatility of the essential oil diffuser is a great selling point, and it’s one of the things that made us include it in the best essential oil diffuser category.

What We Find Good
  • Covers up to 250 square feet
    Is light and portable so can be moved easily from one room to the next
    Has different colors options to choose
    Easy to clean
What We May Not Find Good
  • Its four-color settings are quite limiting

3. Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser can fit in any large space thanks to its wide coverage and elegant appeal. Like the Tao Tronics it’s made of 100% BPA-free materials that ensure your safety and health.

One thing that makes it stand out from the competition is the vast array of colors that it has. While most diffusers give seven options, this one has 14 soothing colors, which laminate throughout the not. Not to mention they give your room a great vibe.

If the light bothers you, you can always turn it off. This will not shut off the middle light, but you can be sure that it won’t affect your sleep. You can also change the brightness settings if it’s too bright to fit your mood.

Due to its moist air emissions, you can use this diffuser as a humidifier as well. It doesn’t use any heat, so the moisture released to the atmosphere is safe for adults and children. Because the oil isn’t heated, it doesn’t oxidize, so the device retains all of its holistic properties.

It has a water tank capacity of 300mm, which guarantees eight long hours of continuous use. You can time it to an hour, three hours or six hours, or allow it to shut off when the water level in the tank is low.

What We Find Good
  • Grainy look and beautiful design
  • Wide base that holds it in place
  • A wide range of 14 colors that you can choose form
What We May Not Find Good
  • The motor produces a hum, which is sincerely annoying
  • Water level isn’t clear unless you use measuring cup with which it comes

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space

One of the best ways to use essential oils is by diffusing them or just releasing them in the air.

The diffuser refers to an electrical gadget that spreads your favorite oils throughout the room of your choice for a specific amount of time that you choose.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing one.

Experts recommend that you go for an ultrasonic diffuser for a larger space. These types of essential oils diffusers are available in different price ranges, and they don’t break easily.

Above all, they are quite easy to clean.

Ultrasonic diffusers use electronic frequencies, which enable them to vibrate quickly. Often, they create an illusion of boiling water but with no heat.

It’s the vibrations that break down essential oils particles into micro particles that percolate into the air in the form of fine mists.

Do You Want a Stronger Scent?

If you prefer a more robust scent from your essential oils, you will want to go for a nebulizing diffuser.

With this type of diffuser, the oil vaporizes first before it evaporates into air as a mist.

A nebulizing diffuser is best suited for people who prefer a more intense aroma and more so for those who like citrus oils. These usually cost $100 or more, and they’re made of glass, which means that they are fragile.

With a plethora of different essential oils diffuser for large rooms currently on the market, one can easily get lost when deciding on the one they should choose one in the first place.

Experts recommend that you stay away from hot plate, candle or steam diffusers. These heat the oils, eventually interfering with their delicate chemistry.

Again, heat tends to make your essential oils less effective, and in the end, you will use more oil to get the same results.

What Additional Features Do You Want?

The cost shouldn’t be the most important factor to consider when looking for the best diffuser to use in a large space.

Some of the good traits of a top diffuser include the ease of cleaning, built-in timer to help you dispense the right amount of the essential oil, long dispensing duration, and number of color options.

On time, the increments can vary from one hour or more. A good diffuser could also have an option of running for say, 30 minutes, and then go off for the same amount of time.

A top diffuser should be able to diffuse sufficient aroma enough to scent a room in less than 30 minutes.

How Much Can You Spend?

The most important thing at the end of the day is that you find a diffuser that is not only best for you but also one that fits your budget.

But as we said above, the cost shouldn’t be the primary factor. If you want your diffuser to serve you for an extended period, you will want to buy something that is little sturdier.

Also, if you will be using the device on a regular basis, it’s important that go for something that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Often, these don’t come cheap.

But if you just want to use the diffuser for some time, and you can avoid plastic materials and heating elements, you may as well go for a cheaper one.

Final Words

An excellent essential oil diffuser has enough coverage to enable it diffuse aroma as far as you may wish.

Another important feature is water capacity, as this is what determines how long into the night the diffuser will continue to work.

The color option on offer is also something that you want to consider. While many diffusers offer seven choices, the very best ones will give you up to 14 hours.

Finally, you also have to consider the price at which it is going for, but this needs to be an issue if quality overrides the cost.

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