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What’s the Best Laptop for a 10-Year-Old Daughter or Son?

My younger sister picked an interest in gadgets when she was just 5. By the time she was 10 years old, I’d like to think she was already old enough to learn how computers work. We bought her the best laptop for 10-year-old daughter, and after the first few months of learning how to use the device, she’d gotten used to navigating and using it for learning and after-school games.

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Samsung Chromebook Convertible Touch Laptop Acer Chromebook R 13 Full HD Touch Laptop ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 ASUS Chromebook C300MA 13.3 Inch Laptop
Samsung Chromebook Convertible Touch Laptop Acer Chromebook R 13 Full HD Touch Laptop ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 ASUS Chromebook C300MA 13.3 Inch

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I should say that laptops for kids have tons of benefits. As long as they are loaded with child-friendly content, they should help your little one to grow into a smart, little human being. Your son and/or daughter can use these tools for social, emotional, and cognitive development.

But what exactly makes the best laptop for a 10 year old boy or girl? In my opinion, the device should include tons of educational content, withstand a drop or two, and include parental control features so kids won’t access content they aren’t supposed to see, especially online.

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The 5 best Laptops for 10-Year-Old Daughter or Son

1. Samsung Chromebook Convertible Touch Laptop

Samsung Chromebook Convertible Touch Laptop

You don’t need someone to remind you that Samsung is a big dog in the technology market.

And, this praise automatically puts Samsung Chromebook Convertible Touch Laptop in the limelight.

Featuring a 3:2 aspect ratio, your daughter can use this device as a widescreen laptop or a tablet.

Perfect for Homework and Games

Keep your kids busy with homework after school with Samsung Touch.

Because it is possible to access docs in offline mode, your child can comfortably use the system to type their homework.

And if they do not have extra work from school to do, you can engage them to the most educational apps and games from Google Play Service.


Samsung Touch is easy to carry around because it is lightweight. So, your kid can bring it with them to school or anywhere they want to go, without feeling its weight.

Samsung does not compromise on the quality of the full-size keyboard or track pad either. Both are quite solid and well built.

As such, your kid can use this machine to watch their favorite movies, play their favorite games, and even chat with their friends online under your supervision.

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2. Acer Chromebook R 13 Full HD Touch Laptop

Acer Chromebook R 13 Full HD Touch Laptop

Acer is not a new kid on the block.

And given its experience and expertise in designing high quality electronics, there is no gain saying that Acer R 13 Convertible 13.3 Full HD Touch could be the best laptop to buy as a gift for your 10-year-old daughter.

With a multi-touch screen, 32 GB Internal Storage, 802.11ac wireless internet support, and 12-hour battery life, Acer Chromebook R 13 is definitely worth the asking price.

Four Modes

Acer R 13 is the only convertible Chromebook for kids on this list. It is for this reason the laptop has four modes, which are display, tablet, notebook, and tent.

To give a kid the best Android app experience, it would be best to set the mode to tablet.

Multi Touch Screen

The multi-touch screen is an innovative approach to give your daughter and/or son more ways to navigate the laptop. When it comes to typing, they can use the touchscreen on-screen keyboard or the default full-size system keyboard.

Decent Battery Life

Your kid gets a Chromebook laptop with 12-hour battery life. That’s about as decent as it can get, especially if you do not love charging electronics quite too often in the house.

If they choose to bring the laptop with them to school, they won’t need to carry a charger along. That’s because the battery lifespan is good enough to take them throughout the day, assuming they’ll be using the Chromebook without taking breaks in between.

3. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 Ruggedized and Water Resistant Design

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02

Forget about cheap, refurbished laptops with short battery life. Buy your kid Asus C202SA-YS02 instead.

The 11.6-inch display Chromebook laptop features a 10-hour battery life, so your kid can use it for long without having to plug it to power every now and then.

The design approach is unquestionable. This is the one device that can handle wear and tear, and last for the long haul.

High Speed Internet

The internet is important to kids the same way it is to adults. But when the WiFi signals are poor, kids can’t get the most out of their internet use.

Part of the reason why ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 is perfect for kids that use internet is the built-in, powerful antenna.

In the event of poor signals, the 360-degree WiFi extender will still provide strong reception, so your kid can enjoy the best apps on the internet without noticing any connection lags.

Perfect for Learning

Remember, we said this laptop has a 10-houur battery life. That means your child can use it for learning all day and never have to worry why they left their charger in the living room.

Moreover, they do not even need internet to write their homework on Google document, because they can view and edit Microsoft documents offline.

HD Anti-Glare Display Technology

Whether your kid is up for school or play, nothing can give them the best digital experience than a high definition display.

Asus C202’s 1366 by 768 HD display makes still images and motion pictures vivid. Add the anti-glare with wide viewing angle to the mix, and what you get is a Chromebook that’s designed to give your child a rich media experience.

4. ASUS Chromebook C300MA 13.3 Inch

ASUS Chromebook C300MA 13.3 Inch Laptop

Asus C300MA is one of the best laptops for 10 year olds that your child can use to do just about anything they like.

From playing games to interacting with rich media to accessing built-in apps like YouTube, there seem to be no limits to how far your youngster can go with this thing.

Offline Apps

This Asus C300MA works perfect when the internet is off the same way it does when the internet is active.

Because the laptop supports hundreds of Google’s offline apps, your kid won’t even notice there is no internet connection.

For Mobile Kids

Kids love dynamism when it comes to interacting with gadgets. If they can multi-task with a laptop, that would be great.

Asus Chromebook C300MA is well optimized to let them multitask for as much as they want. In fact, they can switch between tasks and browser tabs without noticing a lag in processing speed.

Ultra Slim and Lightweight

Asus Chromebook C300 is an ultra-slim, lightweight laptop for a techie boy or a girl. Because it weighs only 3 pounds, your child won’t find it difficult to carry in their backpack when going around and about their daily business with it.

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5. HP 14-Inch Chromebook Laptop

HP 14-Inch Chromebook Laptop

You probably don’t need a reminder that HP is one of the market monsters in electronic design.

The HP 14-inch Chromebook from the tech giant is pretty much a high quality device, which is worth the asking price.

With a 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD storage, and 2.16GHz processor, smooth performance is a guarantee.

It makes a good option for studies and entertainment, hence a good choice for kids as well as students.

For the Impatient Kids

The 2GB RAM may not be enough for high-speed performance. But, for a kid, this should easily get through the day.

In fact, this Chromebook’s processor speed is powerful enough to handle light-to-moderate tasks, including internet browsing, Google Chrome Store apps, and gaming.

The only time this Chromebook is likely to slow down is when your kid runs multiple tasks together, like listening to YouTube, Browsing Google Documents, and writing homework – all at the same time.

A Good Screen Size for Anything and Everything

A 14-inch screen isn’t too big or too small. The size is just good enough for kids.

Whether they love to play games, watch videos, or do homework, the screen size is big enough for better display.

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