best mp3 player for working out

The Best MP3 Music Players for Working Out

If smartphones were good enough to bring with you to your daily workout, every fitness aficionado would be using theirs to listen to music while working out. But they are clunky, bulky, and tiring to use for a daily routine. To get the most out of your exercise session, especially when you need motivation to power through, it would be idea to use the best mp3 player for working out as an alternative to your mobile phone.

Whether you love swimming, running the trails, biking every morning, pulling up bars, or hitting the gym every 5 o’clock in the evening, a good music player should get you through your sessions successfully.

With many mp3 music players on the market, you are obviously spoilt for choice. From the high-end options from Apple to budget-friendly deals from SanDisk, you can never lack an option that would very well meet your needs.

The Best MP3 Player for Working Out in 2020

1. Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Generation for Running

If you are tired of feeling the weight of your smartphone when exercising, and you feel it is time for a change, why not upgrade to Apple iPod Shuffle.

Known as the smallest and most lightweight mp3 music player with a clip on from Apple, Shuffle make a good choice for people on the go.

Design and Build
Shuffle’s look is quite solid. On top of that, you get 2GB storage, which is quite good enough to load your playlists.

However, the memory is not expandable, so Shuffle may not be a good option for people that want to load a collection that exceeds 2GB in size. Because the build is quite solid, Apple iPod Shuffle 4 can stand a drop or two and work just fine.

Voice Over and Clip On
Shuffle doesn’t have a display. To compensate for this, Apple added the Voice Over feature to enable you to control and listen to your music with ease.

The iPod Shuffle also has a tight clip on, which can firmly attach the player to your clothing so you won’t have to worry about the device falling off.

Control Buttons
The previous version of iPod Shuffle doesn’t have audio control options. So, it’s quite difficult to use, and I wouldn’t buy one myself.

The 4th Generation option is quite different because it has physical buttons that you can use to control your music on the fly. You can adjust volume, change to next or previous song, and even fast forward and rewind your music within seconds.

2. SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player for Gym

Whether you love to play audio books as you hit the gym or you plan on listening to some workout hip-hop music when running, SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player is a good workout music player to try.

According to SanDisk, the Clip Sport is perfect for athletes and fitness maniacs who simply can’t workout without music.

Basic MP3 Player on Budget
SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player is perfect for someone under budget. As much as it’s easy on the wallet, the device is quite basic.

This portable player weighs an ounce, making it one of the most lightweight devices on our list. And that means you can use it for hours without feeling its weight.

Also, you can tuck it into your pocket, clip it on your workout t-shirt, or clip it on your favorite workout pants and get going.

Expandable Memory
Unlike Apple iPod Shuffle, SanDisk Clip Sport features an 8GB built-in storage, with an option to expand the memory via a microSD card.

It’s even FM-enabled, so you can listen to your favorite music radio station while running if you feel like you have had enough of your playlist for the day.

Battery Life
SanDisk Clip Sport’s battery life isn’t that bad. You get up to 25 hours playback time on a single charge, making player a good option for running and jogging for hours.

Perhaps the biggest problem with SanDisk Clip Sports is its tendency to freeze up on full storage. So, don’t use up the whole of the 8GB to avoid disappointments.

3. Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle for Swimming

You can use Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod shuffle to listen to your favorite music while swimming.

Because it is a waterproof mp3 music player, you can use it in the pool for hours without worrying about possible damages.

Even if you love hitting the waters in the pool every day, and you would like to do so while your favorite playlist plays, you can be confident that this Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle will work just fine for you.

The Underwater iPod Shuffle is sleek and lightweight. It features a 2GB built-in memory, which is good enough for all your audio content.

You can load the storage with your favorite audio workouts, your all-time favorite playlist, and your most recent audio book.

With the help of the sturdy built-in clip, this waterproof MP3 player for swimming should easily attach to your swim cap or goggles strap, so you can swim comfortably for as many hours as you like.

Voice Over
This player doesn’t have a display. But Apple has compensated this feature with a Voice Over integration, a technical move that allows you to control your playlist without ever taking your eyes off your exercise.

In other words, the Voice Over technology lets you control your music in whatever way you wish, as you continue with your workout routine.

4. Sony Walkman Portable MP3 Music Player

Your gym session doesn’t have to be dull and boring. It doesn’t have to be noisy either.

Because with the help of the Sony Walkman gym music player, you can get the most out of your workout session, irrespective of the noise from other gym users.

And, even if you have your own home gym, Sony Walkman MP3 Music Player is good enough to push you through your workout session.

Playlist Management
Sony Walkman is easy to use. Managing the playlist should be straightforward. You can do this in two ways. The first way is to create your custom playlist.

After creating your custom playlist, navigate to your music playback menu and you will see it there. The second option is to transfer your music from iTunes to the MP3 music player.

Music and Video Playback
The device has a decent battery life. So, it is not so disappointing when it comes to how long it can last.

In fact, on a single charge, you get close to 35 hours of non-stop music. That’s about 4 hours of non-stop video streaming straight from the small display.

An Alarm Clock Included
An alarm clock in an mp3 player for working out is an added bonus that can help you wake up in the morning.

Whether you are a light sleeper or you are not a morning person in your household, the alarm clock can help you get up in the morning with ease.

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5. AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 Player with FM Radio

When you add music to your workout routine, even the most difficult exercises become a piece of cake.

For starters as well as trainees already in a solid workout routine, the AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 Player with FB radio can make every session easy and fun.

AGPTEK is cheap, so it should be easy on your wallet.

Ideal for Wireless Earbuds/Headphones
Because AGPTEK supports Bluetooth connection, you don’t have to buy wired headphones.

You can use your wireless earbuds or a set of wireless noise cancelling headphones to listen your favorite music or workout audio books.

Decent Battery Life
The last mistake you want to make is to buy a music player only to get disappointed by the battery life later. Thankfully, AGPTEK can save the day.

On a single charge, you get about 8 hours of music playback in Bluetooth mode. With wired headphones, you get up to 30 hours of playback time.

In any case, I would recommend using wired headphones to listen to music, unless you are completely fine with the 8-hour battery life in Bluetooth mode.

Expandable Memory
First, the built-in memory is big enough to hold up to 2000 songs. That’s already quite a number, to be frank.

You could still add more songs to the list if you want even more. But that’s possible only after upgrading the memory via the microSD slot.

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