What are the Best Tablets Under 100 Dollars?
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What are the Best Tablets Under 100 Dollars?

We often think that the best tablets under 100 dollars don’t come anywhere close to their high-end brothers in terms of features and functionalities.

Yet they are equipped with the latest technology stacks and premium features that make them perfect for buyers on budget.

From decent quality built and high definition display to long battery life and high processor speed, some cheap tablets have the bells and whistles that make them stand out.

However, the entrance of affordable tablets in the market isn’t something to smile about as often as we’d love to.

At its worst, the tablet market is soiled by low quality brands, which seem to be making a kill by ripping people off their hard-earned cash.

At the end of the day, choosing an option within this price range right off the bat is next to impossible.

Roundup Overview: Our Picks for 2020

For a 1 GB RAM and a 16 GB built-in storage, try NeuTab Android Tablet PC. This tablet features high quality graphics, rich text, and glossy colors. It is designed to give you an amazing gaming experience.

Fire Kids Edition Tablet is a good option for parents who are searching for a tablet for their children. It comes with hundreds of learning materials that your child needs for personal growth.

Watch your favorite movies, read books, and play any music you want on Fire HD Tablet with Alexa. This tablet features quality pixels and graphics that deliver clear, sharp, and high-definition content.

NPOLE High Definition Tablet is a brand sold by NPOLE. It has an excellent processor speed for steady performance. Also, its memory is easy to expand, especially if you need more storage for your content.

If you want to enjoy 100 GB of free cloud storage for one year, try Asus Zen Pad 7-Inch Tablet. Because it comes with a kid‘s mode with unique materials for learning, Asus Zen is a good tablet to share with children.

Best Tablets Under 100 in 2020

The goal of this guide is to help you find the right tablet for the right function for the lowest amount of money possible.

With 4.5+ out of 5.0 ratings, you can never go wrong with the following options.

1. NeuTab Android Tablet PC for Gaming

A good tablet under $100 must be about improved, powerful performance. And NeuTab Android Tablet PC fits the bill pretty well.

With a clock speed of close to 2.0 GHz/s, this device simply takes multimedia experience to a completely new level.

And with a stable and robust MTK Quad Core Processor, Neutab beats standard tablets on storage, speed, and operating system.

Neutab designed this gadget to bring you improved and exceptional multimedia experience. It offers endless possibilities to get you everything you need all in one place.

It has rich colors, crisp text, and high quality graphics that you won’t find with many standard tablets. So expect this tablet to give you an exceptional web browsing, game playing, and movie watching experience.

It has a widescreen display that lets you enjoy high quality graphics, glossy colors, and rich texts. The display makes the onscreen buttons easy to press and tap.

The widescreen makes NeuTab Android Tablet PC suitable for gamers, readers, web surfers, and movie lovers.

To give you a seamless, three-dimensional user experience, NeuTab rebranded this device with a 1 GB RAM for smooth performance and 16 GB built-in disk space for your storage needs.

The goal is to allow you to download as many game applications as you like without worrying about running out of disk space.

For the love of streaming your favorite content, this tablet has a mini HDMI port that lets you connect it with just about any TV in your room.

No cables required; no too many connection procedures. Just insert your HDMI device in the HDMI slot, choose the appropriate option on your TV, and you are good to go.

There must have been a time when you felt lost on the road that you had to pull over to think whether you took the right direction for your journey.

Well, not anymore.

This tablet has an integrated GPS sensor built to make navigation possible. You can use this feature after downloading offline maps.

What We Find Good
  • This tablet runs on Android 6.0.
  • It includes an expandable SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Sapines ad labore duius nunc
  • It is optimized for location tracking, so you can’t get lost on any journey.
What We May Not Find Good
  • It does not come with a case for protection.

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2. Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Look, whoever said that kids couldn’t own tablets was only telling a practical joke. At least, Fire Kids Edition Tablet proves them wrong.

Designed for families that want to keep their kids busy with digital content, this device is by no means an exceptional Android tablet for toddlers.

The gadget is sturdy, so it won’t break into pieces if your baby drops it by accident.

And because it is built with durability in mind, expect it to last for months and years to come.

The Kids Edition is not as advanced as other Fire Tablets, but it still has a lot to be admired.

This device has an improved Free Time Smart Filters that lets you set age-appropriate content for your child.

By doing so, you let your child have access only to content that you would love them to see.

By tailoring content to your loved one’s age, small babies won’t gain access to scary stuff and older kids won’t see baby stuff.

From kid-friendly books, TV shows, and movies to thousands of educational apps and games, this tablet has everything your child needs to develop their language, reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills.

Fire Kids Edition Tablet wouldn’t be good enough without educational goals. That is why this device comes with Learn First and Bed Time features.

These features enable you to block games, apps, TV series, and kids-targeted cartoons until your son and /or daughter meets their educational goals.

This device comes with a kid-proof case.

Also, the storage is enough. So you can install more apps or save more videos without worrying about running out of space.

You get a full year subscription to Free Time Unlimited if you buy this for your small man or woman.

What We Find Good
  • Fire Kids Edition supports Wifi connection
  • It comes with a lightweight micro USB power adapter.
  • I think the two-year warranty is great. You can get a replacement as long as it is within a period of 728 days.
What We May Not Find Good
  • Although this device gives you full parental control, but you still have to watch out for curious kids, especially if you do not want them to get access to paid content.
    It is not suitable for kids above the age of 15.

3. Fire HD Tablet with Alexa

Fire HD Tablet with Alexa is the real deal for users who love to Read, Watch, Play, and use the Internet.

Read books that connect you with the world of fantasy and fiction.

Watch movies and your favorite TV shows on HBO Now, Netflix, and more.

Play any game you like, and install as many apps as you wish.

Yes, you get these all from just one device.

Whether you love to read, play, and watch in the office or you prefer some alone time in your bedroom, Fire HD Tablet with Alexa may be a good option to consider.

Fire HD has a high definition, high-resolution display. The widescreen has a dimension of 1280 by 800 with hundreds of thousands of pixels, bright colors, and vivid picture.

With a clear HD resolution, less glare and stunning in plane switching, Fire HD is the best tablet under 100 considered to have the most beautiful display than all the standard gadgets.

The ability to control your home with this device without lifting a foot, thanks to Alexa, makes this a smart device to consider.

It lets you dim lights when you want to watch a movie.

You can use it to control the temperature of your thermostat.

Also, you can use it to control bulbs before going to or getting out of bed.

With Fire HD Tablet, you don’t have to worry about disk space. It comes with a built-in standard storage of 16 GB for movies, mobile apps, pictures, and music.

For some people, 16 GB disk space is never enough. That’s why this tablet is expandable by up to 200 GB.

Besides your local storage, you can also take advantage of unlimited cloud storage for all content.

This tablet also gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Whether you are looking forward to watch the latest episode of the hottest TV series or you just need a single movie that runs for not more than two hours, Fire HD Tablet with Alexa has something special in store for you.

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What We Find Good
  • Good for someone who needs a tablet with internet
  • It is suitable for both adults and kids.
  • The expandable memory offers more disk space for the users.
  • You get access to tons of entertaining and educational content.
What We May Not Find Good
  • You cannot use this tablet if you are not connected to the internet.

4. NPOLE High Definition Android Tablet

NPOLE is a strict game player in the field of technology.

They make sure you get a high quality gadget. And, they do not authorize third-party sellers to sell NPOLE brand products. So you can be sure of getting the value for your bucks.

NPOLE High Definition tablet with internet has an excellent processor speed and sufficient storage capacity.

Weighing only 0.66 lbs, this is the most lightweight table for people who love to carry their gadgets wherever they go.

Because this tablet meets your needs for storage and speed, you can use it to do anything you like.

Some fun activities that you can do with this tablet include capturing high quality photos, shooting HD videos, streaming YouTube videos, and playing games.

Durability is always the first thing to look out for before spending your money on a tablet.

If you examine NPOLE HD tablet closely, you’ll notice that it is designed to hold up against everyday life.

Rated as two times more durable than Apple’s iPad Mini 4, expect this device to last for months, or years to come.

Because it is designed for impeccable image and high definition video shooting, NPOLE tablet make a good option for capturing life’s memorable moment.

This product has a front-facing video graphic array camera that’s perfect for live chat. So you can chat on Hangout Live, video call someone on WhatsApp Messenger, or make Skype calls to friends and family members.

In many cases, people first pay attention to speed and storage when searching for a tablet to buy. And NPOLE HD tablet takes the cake for being fast and reliable.

With its Quad Core Processor recording a speed of 1.3 GHz per second and a 1 GB RAM, this device processes information faster than many standard tablets.

Its storage is awesome. It comes with 16 GB internal disk space, out of which 11.63 GB is available to use.

That’s not all. If you feel that 11.63 GB is somewhat small for you, especially if you plan to save many videos and install many Android apps, you can expand the disk space by up to 32 GB.

What We Find Good
  • It is a budget friendly product.
  • It is sturdy, lightweight, and durable.
  • It’s an ideal learning tablet for kids
  • The camera is exceptionally high quality.
What We May Not Find Good
  • This tablet can freeze easily when it is about to run out of disk space.

5. Asus Zen Pad 7-Inch Tablet

Asus Zen Pad 7-Inch Tablet is for people who love casual entertainment. It is a stylish, lightweight, and portable device that you can use even when walking.

It has a luxurious styling and a polished metallic frame that adds a visual accent. Therefore, it is a reasonable pick for users who are ready to buy devices that deliver that feel-good feeling.

It features ergonomic rounded edges that allow a user to have a tight grip. It has a leather patterning that boosts durability. Its unique design is good for inspiration.

If storage is your number one priority in a tablet, then you will love Asus Zen 7” tablet. This tablet has a storage capacity that exceeds the normal limits. Besides the built-in 16 GB storage, this gadget comes with 100 GB of Google Drive storage. However, this storage is free only for two years.

It is always important to control the light that goes through your eyes. Because the last thing you want is headache, eyestrains, or fatigue caused by a tablet’s light. That is why Asus Zen Pad Tablet has a blue light filter for light control. It lets you minimize blue light emission for a personalized viewing experience.

Asus Zen Pad is an ideal option for school kids because it comes with a kids’ mode. This feature enables adults to turn the tablet into an educational device. And with built-in parental control and timer, you can decide how much time you want your kid to spend on the tablet.

Moreover, this tablet enables you to separate personal content from work content. You can use the cross-space notification to manage work and personal content separately.

If you plan to share this device with someone else, say your kids, there are content that you would never want anyone to see. That is why this tablet offers maximum protection for private contacts and messaging to keep your confidential logs and text messages private all the time.

What We Find Good
  • This tablet has an average battery life of 8 hours.
  • You are in total control of the blue light emission.
  • It is also an education gadget for kids.
What We May Not Find Good
  • The 100 GB storage space isn’t free for a lifetime.
  • The battery life is somewhat too low, especially for heavy, frequent users.
  • It does not have a USB port.

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