How to Make Your Earbuds Louder in Less than 5 Minutes
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How to Make Your Earbuds Louder in Less than 5 Minutes

Summary: The goal of this article is to teach you how to make your earbuds louder in 5 minutes, without trying so hard. Besides,  some points will also help you to find a way to increase the volume of your earphones and headphones. However, you should also note, boosting volume or trying to make earphones louder more than the capacity of your soundcard and speaker size may lead to distortion in sound quality.

Eventually, We love our music, and we can’t seem to get enough of it.

Ever since the dawn of the iPod and the Mp3 players before it, earbuds have fast grown and become a ubiquity we just can’t live without.

However, the little annoyances of poor sound quality and low volumes are the things that people cannot stand.

With the advent of more appealing audiobooks, earbuds need to be the best they can be. The one job they’ve been made to do, needs to be done well, every single time, right?

Well, not exactly.

Sometimes they fail us.

There are days where they suddenly don’t sound as good or work as well as they did the day before.

And we get frustrated wondering what might’ve gone wrong, then temporarily become engineers to try to fix them; but ultimately give up and look for new ones.

Most of us can relate and ask ourselves that why are my earbuds so quiet all of a sudden?

Bring your mind at peace.

Well, we’ll explain how to make earbuds sound better and let you in on how to improve headphone sound quality, as well as how you can buy decent ones.

Tips on How to Make Earbuds Louder in Less than 5 Minutes

1. How to Make Your Sound Louder – Right Size Does Wonder.

How to Make Your Earbuds Louder

Getting the right size of earbuds and wearing them well goes a long way in ensuring that you get the desired volume and quality sound. And if you somehow facing low headset volume, make sure you wear them in the right way. The idea is, the right size not only fix the earbud’s low volume issue but also comfort your ears if you want to use them for the longest time.

Here are tips to consider in case you aren’t wearing your earpieces rightly for ages.

  • Make sure the right bud goes to the right ear and the left to the left ear. In case of Earphones, choose the right silicon and foam tips to perfectly seal them in your ear.
  • In a scenario of one earbud louder than the other, it happens because of the size of both ears as sometimes the size of both ears is slightly different from each other. The right size makes a perfect vacuum, so it’ll be an earphone volume booster move.
  • If you have wired Earpieces, wrap the cord over the top and down the back of the ear. They can also be worn hanging straight down.
  • Use the adjustment tube to secure the cables: this can be either behind or in front of your head

To insert the earbuds, pull the ear upward and outward to straighten out the ear canal, hold them and take them behind your ears, pull the loop to a considerable length, and then wear them.

The quality of frequency response and sound isolation depends on how well the sleeves seal.

Check the tightness of the seal between the buds and your ears or use a different sleeve if you are not satisfied with the volume and quality of the sound output.

The good thing is that earbuds come with a selection of sleeve options.

2. Cleaning Earpieces Does the Trick – But How to Clean Your Earbuds?

Make Your Earbuds Louder by cleaning

Clean them regularly to make them sound better and look clean. The sealed design in in-ear headphones increases the heat in the ear canal leading to quicker and more earwax and oil accumulation compared to over-ear earbuds.

Accumulated oil and earwax in earbuds can clog the clean route of sound emission thus resulting in poor or low volume. Also, earphones are generally known to carry various forms of bacteria and fungi, so cleaning them makes a lot of sense.

So how to clean your earbuds? Here you’ll know:

  • Use a gentle cleanser. Usually, a mix of dish-washing detergent and water will work perfectly well
  • Brush the metal parts with a dry toothbrush if it contains a lot of dust or dirt
  • Clean with a gentle cloth with a small amount of the soap mixture

If you don’t want these hacks to get on your nerves, try to go for earbud mesh replacement. This will save you from going into these cleaning hacks but you need some tools and extra care to deal through this way.

3. Adjust Volume Settings – How to Adjust Volume Settings

adjust the volume of your earbuds

Most devices nowadays come preset with volume output limitations. The preset is designed to prevent ear damage. You can play with the volume control settings if it is not loud enough.

Here is how you can improve earbuds sound quality on an Apple device:

  • Go to Settings, then to music
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select playback
  • Select volume limit and increase the device audio

Here is how to make headphones sound better on Android:

  • Go to and select settings. Android has multiple ways to access settings
  • Find the application in your drawer
  • Or swipe the notification panel down from the top and tap the settings icon
  • Select sounds, and then select volumes
  • You will notice different volume controls for various functions such as music, video, games and other media, ringtones and notifications, and alarms.
  • Adjust the volume using the sliders.

These settings give the ability to adjust the volumes using the buttons on your phone, but you cannot go past the maximum that you set previously.

These steps depend on the make, model, and version of your Android Operating System.

4. How to Make Your Volume Louder? Mobile Apps Boost EarBud Volume

use apps to make earbuds sound better

So how to make earbuds louder? The next answer is the mobile apps.

Tech has come an incredibly long way in trying to make our lives better.

Volume-increasing applications are easy volume booster tricks, so you can now improve earpiece sound quality without spending too much time on the task.

Before you download the app, examine the maximum volume limit on your device first.

Some Volume-increasing applications are efficient and effective to make your sound louder; nonetheless, it may reduce the quality. This will definitely help you increase the volume to your preferred limits.

The best Android apps that are the best earpiece volume booster are Volume Control+, Volume Booster Pro, and Ultimate Volume Booster.

For Apple devices, you can download SonicMax Pro, Equalizer +, or Volume Boost +.

5. How to Make Headphones Louder – Best Headphones Amplifiers

use the best headphone amplifier

Most audio devices like mobile phones, computers have an internal headphone amplifier.

However, these devices do not supply sufficient power to the built-in amps due to their small size, which reduces the power output, and as a result, your earbuds are underpowered. So how to make your earbuds “the loudest earbuds”?

A standalone amplifier has enough space and enough power for an earbud. The added power results in the production of higher volumes and quality sounds.

We only recommend headphone amps when there is too little power. Over-ear earphones are the ones that use them most of the time. The in-ear one users can assume that their device is sending enough power.

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What To Look for When Buying Earbuds? Choosing the Right Gadget:

Getting the most out of earbuds begins with purchasing the right pair. By the right pair, we don’t mean the most expensive ones but ear with good bass and sound quality. You can get good earpieces within your price range and specifically those earbuds that don’t hurt your ears.

Before settling on a pair, make sure you examine a number of them to identify which one works better with your device. Try old music with the new options to test the quality. It is also imperative to know whether you want open or closed types.

Closed in-ear headphones isolate you from outside sounds, but also result in sound distortion. On the other hand, open ones let the sound and airflow through. It produces quality sound, but it doesn’t isolate you from outside noises.

So if you want to cover this insight in points, here these are;

  • Sensitivity: Denoted by SPL (sound pressure level) and a reason for Earbuds loudness. It turns the electric signals into acoustic signals. You should go for medium sensitivity or best earbuds for sensitive ears.
  • Impedance: Refers as opposition to current flow. Higher the Impedance, lower the Current flow.
  • Frequency Response: In simple words, it represents whether your earbuds are with good bass or not. Different frequency (Hz)specified earbuds produce different sound quality.

Other than these, You can choose the material like earbuds with plastic, rubber or silicone tip. Rubber, foam and silicon tip work better for smaller earholes, so these gadget known as the best earbuds that don’t hurt small ears. Plastic Earbuds are usually for the bigger ears.

About Ear Candi

Ear candi is a custom molding system, which takes the shape of a bud or ear. If you have in-ear earphones, you might be experiencing noise isolation problems.

External noise interferes with the audio output forcing you to raise the volume to uncomfortable levels, which can be harmful to your eardrums.

The conventional solution to this particular problem was to purchase expensive active noise-canceling in-ear headphones. However, ear candi is the alternative solution for this problem.

These silicone inserts will be a custom fit to your ears, providing the best sound isolation while keeping the drums still sound rich and full. They also help in keeping your buds in place during workouts.

Final Words

There are no easy technical fixes for these kinds of devices. We hope that the methods discussed in this article have helped you to know how to make your earbuds louder. This will also help you fix the low earbud volume and significantly make earbuds louder with also improving the sound quality.

Sticking to recommended volume limits in your device and investing in earbuds that are designed to fit into your ear instead of hanging on the outer ear goes a long way in protecting you from ear damage.

This is because these types of earbuds require lower volume since it doesn’t compete with external noise.

Nobody would share ear cleaners with anyone so avoid sharing earbuds too especially those that go into your ears.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Why one earbud louder than the other?

There are many reasons behind sound imbalance between earbuds. It mostly due to the wrong size of your earbuds that cause one earbud louder than the other. Other than wax debris clotted on speaker mesh, fault cord, or your wrong way of wearing these.

How to Make your Headphones Louder?

The headphone scenario is a little different. You have many options like a better audio player, good volume control, amplifier, and volume booster apps.

How earwax in earbuds make them quieter?

The sound waves increase the temperature of the ear canal that makes earwax softer and easy for clogging on earbud mesh. This makes the sound emission disturbed resulting in earbuds low volume issue.

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