16 Jul, 2024

How to Make Your Earbuds Louder in Less than 5 Minutes

Are your earbuds always leaving you wanting MORE? You’re jamming to your favorite tunes, listening to a podcast, or trying to catch dialogue in a movie, but the volume just isn’t cutting it. We’ve all been there, cranking the volume up to max, only to be met with disappointment. But don’t despair! You don’t need […]

17 mins read

The Best Earbuds for Small Ears

If you’ve ever felt like Goldilocks searching for the “just right” earbuds, you’re not alone. Especially if you have smaller ears, the struggle to find a pair that stays put, sounds great, and doesn’t leave your ears aching is REAL. Trust me, I’ve been there. Countless earbuds have betrayed me, slipping out mid-run or causing […]

11 mins read