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Are Raycon Earbuds Good or Should I Go for Alternatives?

What’s all the fuss about the Raycon earbuds? Are they as good as people claim?

You see, ever since raycon released the first E25 earbud, the demand has been on a steady rise. It became so popular that it led to a subsequent series, the latest being the raycon E55, which is an upgrade from the E25.

That said, you’re probably here because you need a brutal and honest review to help you filter through the noise. That way, you’ll make the best decision whether raycon earbuds are good for you or otherwise.

So to help you come up with the best answer we decided to conduct hours of testing and get as many legit reviews on as possible on the earbuds. This guide has answers every question you might have on the raycon earbuds.

So before you make that purchase, listen up.

What makes the Raycon Earbuds So Worth It That Users love them?

The Decent Sound Quality
Do you love listening to a song word by word? Well, the raycon earbuds offer a mellow, laid-back sound, which allows you to keep track of every word, and you can sing along to your favorite tunes if you like.

The quality is also useful when you are making a phone call. You can clearly hear the person on the other end.

Raycon Earbuds are Affordable
Raycon always puts the need of their customers first. One way they do that is by providing quality products at fair rates. That way, anyone can afford them.

In that regard, raycon earbuds are one of their most affordable headsets in the market today. However, the price depends on the type of earbud you choose.

For example, if you want the raycon E25 earbuds, you only need around $80 and for the E55, you only need something close to $150.

These Earbuds are Durable
Before you buy a set of earbuds, the first thing you want to know is how long you’ll use them before you itch for an upgrade (or a replacement). We all want value for our money after all, or don’t we?

A new set of raycon earbuds go for more than six months if put to good use. The reason why some people complain of problems earlier may be because:

  • They carelessly store the earbuds after use
  • They mishandle the earbuds, mostly dropping them every time
  • It has a Long-Life Battery

When you compare the raycon earbuds to other wireless earphones one thing stands out, its battery life.

The E25 can go for 6 hours without you having to re-charge it, and if you have the charging case on, you can use it for 24 hours straight.

On the other hand, the E55 goes for six uninterrupted hours and 36 hours while on the charging case. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your battery running out when you’re on the move.

It’s Compatibility
The raycon earbuds sync smoothly with almost any android device you have.

The Bluetooth setting enables you to control what you want to hear with little interference.

It has a Fit Design
When it comes to design, you always have to go for earbuds that fit.

A fitting earbud sticks to your ear with the right amount of cushion. That way, they won’t fall off.

Lucky for you the raycon earbuds come with different sizes of inserts that you get to choose from. The design is so comfortable that you can wear them for long hours without feeling tired.

The smooth pairing of the Buds
The raycon earbuds allows you to transition from music to picking a phone call seamlessly.

It has a feature where you can use the right bud independently from the left one, this way, you concentrate on two things at once.

The E55 is Water-Resistant.
The latest version of the raycon series is waterproof.

It gives you the chance to hang around the poolside or attend a work out session with you having to worry about coming into contact with a splash of water or a drip of sweat.

However, you should avoid diving headfirst into a swimming pool, with your earbuds on; it might affect the quality of sound.

Disadvantages of the Raycon Earbuds
Aside from that, there’s always something to ravage about the raycon earbuds.

In fact, some users claim to have the worst experiences wearing them. Let’s see some of the reasons they give.

Terrible at Noise Canceling
These sets of earbuds offer the least distraction when you are in a noisy area.

So if you work in a loud environment or you are trying to block some loud noise, you should consider other types that cancel noise better.

The Plastic Case
As a way of protecting your raycon earbuds, you should always keep them inside the case. However, it may not be as reliable as you think.

Most times, when your case falls, it opens up, and the earbuds spew all over the floor.

The lid is also hard to come off, and the plastic makes it hard to get a good grip.

So, you may experience a challenge trying to open up the case every once in a while.

The Bevels Become Loose Easily
The metal mesh inside the rubber cushion may drop out and fall from time to time and as a result of weaken the bevels.

You see, the bevels hold the mesh in place, but each time your earbuds fall, they become a little loose.

In the process, the whole system becomes loose. Therefore, making the rubber cushions stick on your ear or fall off.

It has a Poor Bass System

The sound quality coming from the raycon earbuds is good, but the bass is so weak. It is one of the reasons most people prefer other brands but can you blame them?

You see, as a music lover, you always want to feel the beat popping in your ear because that way you get to enjoy the song. So for most, a weak bass is a deal-breaker.


Now that you know everything about the raycon earbuds, you can make the best choice before purchasing.

Still, if you look at it closely, it’s evident that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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