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The Best Earbuds for Sleeping in 2020

This is a comprehensive list of the best earbuds for sleeping.But before we get to it, here’s probably a scenario that you more than likely identify with: You’ve all been there, trying desperately to catch a wink of sleep and being woken up repeatedly by a snoring partner or those noisy neighbors who only become active […]

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The Best Headphones for PSVR in 2020

Do you think you need the best headphones for PSVR for effective gaming? Or can you simply use any headset to get your gaming binge going?  Understand this:  You can use the wraparound earbuds that come with PlayStation 4 VR headset, but they may not be as effective as killer gaming headphones. More often than not, earbuds […]

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The Best Laptops for Medical School Students

The age of using notebooks and pencils in medical schools is slowly passing away. Maybe there will come a time when technology will take over everything. But until then, a combination of the best laptop for medical school with books and pens still makes up the best kit for learning. Buying a medical grade laptop isn’t really […]

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