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The Best Tablets Under 100 Dollars in 2019

We often think that the best tablets under 100 dollars don’t come anywhere close to their high-end brothers in terms of features and functionalities. Yet they are equipped with the latest technology stacks and premium features that make them perfect for buyers on budget. From decent quality built and high definition display to long battery life and high […]

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The Best Tablet Under 300 for Buyers on Budget

If you were to consider the premium end of tablet market, the best tablet under 300 is not the cream of the crop. Most premium-grade tablets don’t cost less this price tag. However, if you were to talk of mid-level pricing, the devices listed here don’t cut any corners like their budget brothers. Their everyday software/hardware performance, as well […]

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The Best Chromebooks Under 300 in 2019

Chromebooks are the modern-day computers that feature the best of Google built-in.  From high level security to full access to Google Play Store, these fresh-looking laptops have everything you need for the wow factor and outstanding user experience. There is a Chromebook that’s right just for you; at least Google confirms it.  And with the entire […]

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The Best Walkie Talkies for Kids in 2019

When we talk about walkie-talkies, the people that first come to our minds are cops behind the wheels of siren cars, American marshals on homicide investigation, theater crews behind a live cast, and backstage film stars. In this time and age, though, these gadgets are no longer confined to the adult community alone. Even kids use […]

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The Best Earbuds for Small Ears

Every blog post I’ve read on this topic suggests that it’s difficult to find the best earbuds for small ears. I don’t know if the assumption is the new craze online, but I – honestly – wouldn’t buy the idea. In fact, earbuds that perfectly fit people with small ear canals have been around for as long […]

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